2010-08-24 Mike PallRELEASE LuaJIT-2.0.0-beta5 v2.0.0-beta5
2010-08-23 Mike PallUpdate changelog.
2010-08-23 Mike PallFix formatting of canonicalized number to string conver...
2010-08-09 Mike PallFix encoding of doubles for mixed-endian cross builds.
2010-08-08 Mike PallClean up some more DynASM target dependencies.
2010-08-07 Mike PallFix return from pcall within active hook.
2010-08-06 Mike PallKeep framesize in RA of FUNCC/FUNCCW instructions, too
2010-08-06 Mike PallFix lua_cpcall(). Duplicate save corrupted C frame...
2010-08-03 Mike PallFix some compiler warnings.
2010-08-03 Mike PallCleanup library function caching in dasm_x86.lua.
2010-08-03 Mike PallRemove bogus global in -jdump.
2010-08-03 Mike PallUntangle some target dependencies.
2010-08-03 Mike PallUse FuncState typedef in favor of struct.
2010-07-21 Mike PallSpeed up string compares in string interning.
2010-07-21 Mike PallSwitch to fast string hash.
2010-07-21 Mike PallAbstract out pointer hash to hashrot(). Tune hash const...
2010-07-21 Mike PallUse independent hash for VM event dispatch.
2010-07-14 Mike PallFix arg check for two-arg SSE math functions in interpr...
2010-07-14 Mike PallFix passing of constant args in FPRs on x64.
2010-07-04 Mike PallRechain pseudo-resurrected string keys with colliding...
2010-06-30 Mike PallDo not eliminate PHIs for values only referenced from...
2010-06-28 Mike PallFix frame setup for error handling in next().
2010-06-16 Mike PallFallback to metamethod resolving for tostring in print().
2010-05-30 Mike PallFix string.char() range check on x64.
2010-05-19 Mike PallCanonicalize string conversion of nan, inf, -inf.
2010-05-15 Mike PallFix handling of failed fp:read(..., "*n").
2010-05-09 Mike PallAvoid name clash with standard POSIX function.
2010-05-09 Mike PallAvoid string allocation in GDB JIT API.
2010-05-08 Mike PallAdd weak guards. Emit TNEW/TDUP with a guard bit.
2010-05-01 Mike PallCreate symbol table of JIT-compiled code for use with...
2010-04-28 Mike PallFix PHI elimination: mark right PHI as used, too.
2010-04-25 Mike PallTurn TValue setter macros into inline functions.
2010-04-25 Mike PallTreat the tag of a TValue as unsigned everywhere.
2010-04-25 Mike PallAvoid starting a GC cycle immediately after library...
2010-04-25 Mike PallFix TNEW in x64 interpreter. Do not force a full GC...
2010-04-25 Mike PallMake metamethod names proper GC roots.
2010-04-25 Mike PallReorganize and fix placement of generated machine code...
2010-04-25 Mike PallSimplify management of current trace. Drop lazy save.
2010-04-25 Mike PallTurn traces into true GC objects (GCtrace).
2010-04-24 Mike PallSimplify lexer a bit.
2010-04-23 Mike PallAdd assertions to guard against using lua_*call on...
2010-04-23 Mike PallAvoid compiler warning.
2010-04-20 Mike PallNo longer let the GC replace dead keys with the LJ_TDEA...
2010-04-19 Mike PallSimplify GC step calls from on-trace code.
2010-04-18 Mike PallReplace on-trace GC frame syncing with interpreter...
2010-04-14 Mike PallRefactor buildvm symbol generation.
2010-04-09 Mike PallFix setup of RD when dispatching to function headers...
2010-04-07 Mike PallDon't copy SNAP_NORESTORE mark into loops and suppress...
2010-03-28 Mike PallRELEASE LuaJIT-2.0.0-beta4 v2.0.0-beta4
2010-03-28 Mike PallUpdate changelog.
2010-03-28 Mike PallFold HREF of TNEW/TDUP to niltv. Fold HLOAD of niltv...
2010-03-28 Mike PallGenerate EQ(HREF, niltv) for load path, too (better...
2010-03-28 Mike PallAlso merge EQ(HREF, niltv) in backend.
2010-03-28 Mike PallOnly fuse with spill slots for cross-section references.
2010-03-28 Mike PallFix precondition check for NEWREF.
2010-03-23 Mike PallPass MULTRES or negated error code in RD to lj_vm_exit_...
2010-03-22 Mike PallMove colocated array part after GCtab (now properly...
2010-03-22 Mike PallMove free node pos to t->node[0].freetop. Saves 4 bytes...
2010-03-21 Mike PallAvoid snapshots for returns to known callers.
2010-03-19 Mike PallAdd links to interactive performance comparison to...
2010-03-18 Mike PallIncrease max. fusion distance.
2010-03-15 Mike PallReorder various structs to reduce padding (thanks to...
2010-03-15 Mike PallFix TSETM on x64/SSE builds when table is resized.
2010-03-15 Mike PallAdd static target to msvcbuild.bat.
2010-03-15 Mike PallUpdate changelog.
2010-03-15 Mike PallAdd array bounds check elimination (-Oabc, on by default).
2010-03-15 Mike PallReorganize scalar evolution analysis.
2010-03-14 Mike PallFix folding of (comparison x x).
2010-03-13 Mike PallRestore MULTRES for snapshots pointing to CALLM etc...
2010-03-10 Mike PallFix potential hang in UCLO redirection handling in...
2010-03-09 Mike PallFix handling of bad argument types in recorder.
2010-03-09 Mike PallFix recording of getmetatable() for non-tables.
2010-03-09 Mike PallAvoid tracing the nil return case of tonumber().
2010-03-09 Mike PallAdd WinSDK v7.0 requirement for building on Windows...
2010-03-08 Mike PallDo not fuse SLOAD across RETF.
2010-03-07 Mike PallRELEASE LuaJIT-2.0.0-beta3 v2.0.0-beta3
2010-03-07 Mike PallFix tracebacks for failed coroutines.
2010-03-07 Mike PallAdd OS/CPU/CC compatibility matrix to docs. Fix spelling.
2010-03-07 Mike PallRebase dynamic library on OSX/x64.
2010-03-07 Mike PallImprove placement of dynamically generated code on...
2010-03-07 Mike PallFix assertion in rec_check_slots.
2010-03-07 Mike PallGenerate indirect calls for out-of-range distances...
2010-03-07 Mike PallFix unwind info for assembler part for OSX.
2010-03-07 Mike PallFix disassembly of call/jmp ModRM.
2010-03-05 Mike PallFix generated 64 bit Mach-O assembler output.
2010-03-04 Mike PallDocument jit.status().
2010-03-04 Mike PallUpdate docs: native build default, cross-compilation...
2010-03-04 Mike PallAllocate 32 bit memory on OSX/x64 with mmap() hinting.
2010-03-04 Mike PallBuild as a native 32 or 64 bit binary by default.
2010-03-03 Mike PallImprove performance of HREF/HREFK on x64.
2010-03-03 Mike PallFix 64 bit conversion warning.
2010-03-02 Mike PallImprove register allocation on x64.
2010-03-02 Mike PallFix comments about 64 bit FreeBSD mmap() behavior.
2010-03-02 Mike PallAdd compile errors for 64 bit OS without an equivalent...
2010-03-02 Mike PallAdd support for recursion to changelog.
2010-03-02 Mike PallFix amalgamated build.
2010-03-01 Mike PallEnable tracing of recursion.
2010-03-01 Mike PallImplement down-recursion.
2010-03-01 Mike PallFix pc to line number translation for GDB JIT API.
2010-03-01 Mike PallResize stack up to the true limit.