2014-05-11 Steven NoonanMakefile: added install target and made verbosity optional crawl-20140511 master
2014-05-06 Mike Pallx64: Workaround for MSVC build issue.
2014-05-06 Mike PallFFI: Another fix for cdata equality comparisons.
2014-04-26 Mike PallAdd PS Vita port.
2014-04-22 Mike PallPrevent GC estimate miscalculation due to buffer growth.
2014-04-22 Mike PallPrevent adding side traces for stack checks.
2014-04-21 Mike Pallx64: Allow building with LUAJIT_USE_SYSMALLOC and LUAJI...
2014-04-17 Mike PallPPC: Don't use mcrxr on PPE.
2014-04-08 Mike PallFFI: Fix cdata equality comparison against other Lua...
2014-04-08 Mike PallFFI: Fix cdata equality comparison against strings.
2014-04-03 Mike PallFix top slot calculation for snapshots with continuations.
2014-04-01 Mike PallCorrect fix for reuse of SCEV results in FORL.
2014-03-31 Mike PallFFI: Allow non-scalar cdata to be compared for equality...
2014-03-28 Mike PallFFI: Fix pseudo type conversions for type punning.
2014-03-27 Mike PallFix check for reuse of SCEV results in FORL.
2014-03-27 Mike Pallx86/x64: Avoid use of SAHF instruction.
2014-03-24 Mike PallFix compiler warnings.
2014-03-12 Mike PallRELEASE LuaJIT-2.0.3 v2.0.3
2014-03-12 Mike PallUpdate changelog.
2014-03-06 Mike PallDynASM: Emit version check after .arch directive.
2014-03-05 Mike PallDon't access dangling reference to reallocated IR.
2014-02-28 Mike PallFix frame depth display for bytecode dump in -jdump.
2014-02-28 Mike PallFix recording of BC_VARG.
2014-02-27 Mike PallFix for -jdump docs.
2014-02-26 Mike PallAdd PS4 port.
2014-02-20 Mike PallDon't purge modified function from stack slots in BC_RET.
2014-02-19 Mike PallFFI: Disallow nested VLS.
2014-02-19 Mike PallPrevent BASE register coalescing if parent uses IR_RETF.
2014-02-11 Mike PallFix quoting in xedkbuild.bat (again).
2014-02-05 Mike PallFix exception unwind struct declaration.
2014-01-20 Mike PallFix OSX build issue.
2014-01-20 Mike PallFix initial maxslot for down-recursive traces.
2014-01-20 Mike PallFix compiler warnings.
2014-01-19 Mike PallFix OSX build issue.
2014-01-19 Mike PallFFI: Fix cts->L for cdata unsinking in snapshot restore.
2014-01-16 Mike PallBump copyright date to 2014.
2014-01-05 Mike PallFix ABC elimination.
2013-12-29 Mike PallFix MinGW build.
2013-12-24 Mike PallMIPS: Cosmetic fix for interpreter.
2013-12-22 Mike PallFix compilation of string.byte(s, nil, n).
2013-12-21 Mike PallFix MinGW build.
2013-12-08 Mike PallFix call unroll checks in the presence of metamethod...
2013-12-02 Mike Pallx64: Fix store to upvalue for lightuserdata values.
2013-11-22 Mike PallRespect when returning to a function...
2013-11-22 Mike PallFollow-up fix for GC step threshold fix.
2013-11-21 Mike PallImprove msvcbuild.bat static linking.
2013-11-16 Mike PallFFI: Clarify ffi.cdef behavior.
2013-11-07 Mike PallFix type punning alias analysis for constified pointers.
2013-11-05 Mike PallFix for last commit
2013-11-05 Mike PallFix GC steps threshold handling when called by JIT...
2013-10-26 Mike PallFix handling of redundant PHIs.
2013-10-24 Mike PallCheck for failure to mark memory as executable (restric...
2013-10-15 Mike PallFix line number for relocated bytecode after closure...
2013-10-14 Mike PallFFI: Rehash finalizer table after GC cycle, if needed.
2013-10-10 Mike PallCheck for MAP_32BIT presence instead of checking for...
2013-09-14 Mike PallFix ABC elimination.
2013-09-12 Mike PallFix snapshot restore for exit to function header.
2013-09-12 Mike PallDynASM: Emit #line <n> <file> instead of #<n> <file>.
2013-09-08 Mike PallFFI/x64: Fix passing of vector arguments to calls.
2013-09-08 Mike PallFFI: Fix argument checks for ffi.string().
2013-09-03 Mike PallFix quoting in xedkbuild.bat.
2013-09-03 Mike PallRecent GCC versions need more memory.
2013-09-03 Mike PallFix frame traversal for backtraces.
2013-08-22 Mike PallFix compiler warning.
2013-08-16 Mike PallFix argument checks for math.deg()/math.rad().
2013-08-11 Mike PallFix jit.flush(func|true).
2013-08-03 Mike PallCompatibility fix for old GCC versions.
2013-07-30 Mike PallARM: Fix register allocation when rematerializing FPRs.
2013-07-24 Mike PallFFI: Properly unload loaded DLLs.
2013-07-18 Mike PallDynASM/x64: Add VREG support to mov64.
2013-07-17 Mike PallFix compilation on NetBSD/x64.
2013-07-09 Mike PallAdd support for multilib distro builds.
2013-06-24 Mike PallDynASM/x86: Add lock prefix.
2013-06-20 Mike PallFFI: Add missing GC steps for callback argument convers...
2013-06-18 Mike PallImprove ULOAD forwarding for open upvalues.
2013-06-03 Mike PallRELEASE LuaJIT-2.0.2 v2.0.2
2013-06-03 Mike PallUpdate changelog.
2013-06-03 Mike PallPPC: Add plt suffix for external calls from assembler...
2013-05-29 Mike PallFFI: Preserve intermediate string for const char *...
2013-05-25 Mike PallFix compatibility issues with Illumos.
2013-05-23 Mike PallAdd missing PHI barrier to string.sub(str, a, b) =...
2013-05-23 Mike PallFFI: Must sink XBAR together with XSTOREs.
2013-05-23 Mike PallFFI: Fix unroll limit for ffi.fill().
2013-05-23 Mike PallFFI: Insert no-op type conversion for pointer to intege...
2013-05-18 Mike PallFFI: Improve error messages for arithmetic and comparis...
2013-05-16 Mike PallHandle calls with max. args in backends even after...
2013-05-16 Mike PallFFI: Fix calling conventions for ARM hard-float EABI.
2013-05-16 Mike PallFFI: Fix calling conventions for 32 bit OSX and iOS...
2013-05-15 Mike PallAdd partial support for building with MingW64 GCC 4...
2013-05-13 Mike PallFFI: Ignore CTF_LONG in ffi.istype().
2013-05-08 Mike PallFix optional argument handling in table.concat().
2013-05-08 Mike PallFix optional argument handling while recording builtins.
2013-05-02 Mike PallFFI: Fix tailcall in lowest frame to C function with...
2013-04-29 Mike PallFix builtin string to number conversion for overflow...
2013-04-25 Mike PallTighten requirements for non-default optimization flags.
2013-04-22 Mike PallFix compiler warning.
2013-04-09 Mike PallDocument support for Lua 5.2 extension of loadfile().
2013-04-09 Mike PallInhibit DSE for implicit loads via calls.
2013-04-05 Mike PallFix jump-range constrained mcode allocation.
2013-04-04 Mike PallFix spurious red zone overflows in machine code generation.