2010-05-05 Steven NoonanMakefile: remove output library before calling 'ar' old-freetype-2.3.12
2010-04-07 Steven NoonanXcode: drop unnecessary definition of FT_CONFIG_OPTION_...
2010-04-07 Steven Noonanftoption.h: fix font hinting quality
2010-02-23 Steven NoonanXcode project: remove redundant macro definition
2010-02-22 Steven NoonanMerge commit '2.3.12' into crawl
2010-02-22 Steven NoonanFreeType 2.3.12 2.3.12
2009-12-11 Steven Noonangitignore: ignore outputs
2009-12-04 Steven NoonanMerge branch 'upstream' into crawl
2009-12-04 Steven NoonanFreeType 2.3.11 2.3.11
2009-12-04 Steven NoonanFreeType 2.3.10 2.3.10
2009-11-07 Steven Noonanmakefile: track CFLAGS changes and rebuild if needed
2009-11-02 Steven Noonanftoption.h: attempt to fix build on Mac OS X
2009-10-31 Steven Noonanmsvc: add zlib include path
2009-10-25 Steven Noonansrc/base/ftbase.h: eliminate "declared 'static' but...
2009-10-25 Steven NoonanMakefile: simplified and eliminated need for GNU Make...
2009-10-24 Steven Noonanmsvc: add x86_64 support
2009-10-15 Steven Noonanmsvc: follow vsprops files
2009-10-15 Steven NoonanXcode: add xcodeproj for building FreeType on Mac
2009-10-15 Steven Noonaninfutil.h: fix inconsistent variable declaration
2009-07-22 Steven NoonanFreeType 2.3.9 2.3.9