2013-09-23 Adam BorowskiRevert accidental submodule changes. 0.12.3
2013-09-23 Neil MooreAdd a hatch to hangedman_what_comes_after_a
2013-09-22 Adam BorowskiChangelog for 0.12.3
2013-09-22 Adam BorowskiShorten the abyssal generator depth to 32 bits (fixes...
2013-09-15 Neil MooreProperly extend Dazzling Ray with Vehumet (#7553)
2013-09-14 Neil MooreFix Mac universal builds.
2013-09-09 Neil MooreFix compilation for gcc 4.0 and Apple gcc 4.2 .
2013-09-07 Adam BorowskiDisable compiler optimization on Apple's gcc altogether.
2013-09-07 Neil MooreDon't message when beams don't hurt unseen rock worms...
2013-09-07 Neil MooreDon't drain monsters to 0 HD.
2013-09-07 Neil MooreUnmeld boots when fishtail merfolk transform (#7456)
2013-09-07 Neil MooreDon't crash when returning to an level with scrying...
2013-09-07 Neil MooreDon't message about offscreen Twisted Resurrection.
2013-09-07 Adam BorowskiAvoid round-off errors when checking for minimal mass hp.
2013-09-07 Adam BorowskiDon't allow 1 hp starcursed masses to split.
2013-09-07 Adam BorowskiEnd a starcursed mass' turn when it uses its ability.
2013-09-07 Neil MooreFix a chaos bounce crash (#5892).
2013-09-05 Neil MooreCorrectly add last-place score entries (#2834)
2013-09-01 Pekka LampilaDon't autotravel through monsters caught in nets
2013-08-23 blackcustardFix a Kirke crash by deporkalating transiting hogs...
2013-08-23 Pete HurstSet mid before calling define_monster
2013-08-23 Adam BorowskiMake a function static.
2013-08-22 Neil MooreDon't duplicate stolen blood (#4414).
2013-08-16 Neil MooreGive up if we can't find a spot for player teleport...
2013-08-15 Raphael LangellaFix stumbling into deep water while clinging and confus...
2013-08-15 Raphael LangellaDon't allow clingers to be trampled to death (#7454).
2013-08-10 ZannickClear the subvault stack on each placement attempt
2013-08-02 Neil MooreAllow kprops to be used as vault-wide tags (#7423)
2013-07-25 Neil MoorePrompt for exiting a unique panlord level through the...
2013-07-14 Neil MooreChangelog updates.
2013-07-14 blackcustardDo not make monsters with resistances immune to acid...
2013-07-04 James RavnFixes help menu scrolling when at the first line
2013-06-25 Pekka LampilaDon't allow using abilities in tiles while berserk
2013-06-21 Neil MooreDon't crash on G ctrl-p from the dungeon.
2013-06-17 Neil MooreFix arena across restart_after_game (#2962)
2013-06-10 Pekka LampilaDon't crash on player distort weapon banishment
2013-06-10 blackcustardFix a crash related to LRD, noise, and permarock.
2013-06-07 Neil MooreDon't leak unided rC in draconian A screen (#7173)
2013-06-07 Neil MooreCorrect descriptions of Blade and Crypt (#7147).
2013-06-04 Adam BorowskiFix monsters who are _not_ thoroughly unclean suffering...
2013-06-01 Adam BorowskiOld changelog for 0.11.3
2013-06-01 Adam BorowskiUpdate the changelog. 0.12.2
2013-06-01 Adam BorowskiRevert "Revert "Don't prompt about sacrifices with...
2013-06-01 Adam BorowskiChangelog for 0.12.2
2013-06-01 Adam BorowskiRevert "Don't prompt about sacrifices with auto_sacrifi...
2013-06-01 Adam BorowskiDon't let is_valid_species() accept placeholders.
2013-06-01 Adam BorowskiFix $(GXX) being used before it is defined in some...
2013-06-01 Neil MooreAvoid closets in minmay_lair_hidden_items (#7099)
2013-06-01 Pete HurstDon't attempt to save after save file is deleted (Manti...
2013-06-01 Chris CampbellUpdate default explore_stoppers
2013-06-01 David Lawrence... Fix setting profane servitors' god to Yred; MONS_ANGEL...
2013-06-01 Neil MooreFix ctrl-h on terminals where that is the same as backs...
2013-06-01 Neil MooreGive targetting prompts for enemies other than the...
2013-06-01 Adam BorowskiDon't confirm attacks if confirmations are disabled.
2013-06-01 Steve MelenchukDon't drown/incinerate player in Abyss when placing...
2013-06-01 Adam BorowskiDon't randomly generate items under firewood.
2013-06-01 Adam BorowskiDefault to -O1 on gcc-4.2.
2013-06-01 ZannickClean up stairs commands and checks.
2013-06-01 Pekka LampilaFix WebTiles overflow more prompt losing one line
2013-06-01 Policarpo Caballerofsim: Ammo is always mulched
2013-06-01 Florian DieboldWebtiles: Try to make sure the process ends.
2013-06-01 Chris CampbellFix dancing weapon corrosion messages
2013-06-01 Samuel BronsonEnd "Really walk into/disarm that arrow trap, spattered...
2013-05-31 Chris CampbellDon't allow picking a draconian colour in init.txt
2013-05-31 Chris CampbellFix an info leak with amulet of rCorr
2013-05-31 Chris CampbellDon't allow selecting invalid species via initfile
2013-05-31 Neil MooreDon't crash on divine vigour with 0 max MP (#7104).
2013-05-27 Neil MooreMake superb_item etc. cat-agnostic.
2013-05-25 Steve MelenchukFix a possible crash when acquirement fails.
2013-05-25 Neil MooreRevert "Make superb_item etc. cat-agnostic."
2013-05-25 Neil MooreMake superb_item etc. cat-agnostic.
2013-05-25 Neil MooreDon't let known-type jewellery block auto-id (#7081).
2013-05-25 Neil MooreDon't crash on short-range portals with the orb.
2013-05-23 Steve MelenchukHave a necromancy miscast source of rotting use ::rot().
2013-05-21 Chris CampbellDon't prompt about sacrifices with auto_sacrifice set...
2013-05-21 Pete HurstPrevent jellies munching on Zig loot
2013-05-21 DracoOmegaDon't replace runed doors with unruned ones in Sprint...
2013-05-21 Steve MelenchukAttribute deaths by monsters using rod beam spells...
2013-05-21 Chris CampbellFix Fedhas evolution description
2013-05-21 Adam BorowskiFix an uninitialized variable.
2013-05-21 Adam BorowskiPreserved meat is not useless if you know Simulacrum.
2013-05-21 ellipticRemove a randart weapon name.
2013-05-21 Adam BorowskiFix blind monsters being able to read scrolls.
2013-05-21 Steve MelenchukTry especially hard to not acquire god-hated items...
2013-05-21 Steve Melenchukstop_running() when moves aborted by fear/mesm/fungifor...
2013-05-21 David Lawrence... Fix Mantis 7058: Beogh now recalls "to your vicinity...
2013-05-21 Samuel BronsonRemove "sage" entries for maxed skills.
2013-05-21 Neil MooreClear "Next: 100%" after gaining XL 27 (#4553).
2013-05-21 Steve MelenchukA blame prefix for monster tentacles.
2013-05-21 Neil MooreDon't claim self-targetted apportation is suicidal...
2013-05-21 Pete HurstDon't mistake porcupines for spiders
2013-05-21 Adam BorowskiAllow tree form/djinni players to wield vamp weapons.
2013-05-21 Adam BorowskiFix breakage on big endian.
2013-05-20 Pekka LampilaConfirm self targeting with Dispel Undead
2013-05-20 Neil MooreDon't allow summoning elementals from monsters or onese...
2013-05-18 Neil MooreDon't ID hunger/sust and crash on game load (#7049)
2013-05-14 Pete HurstPrevent an ASSERT when getting banished while on Abyss:5
2013-05-14 Pete Hurst#7039 Prevent an Abyssal ASSERT after ugprading to...
2013-05-14 blackcustardFix 'Unlinked item' errors in Abyss.
2013-05-12 ellipticFix cursed magical staves and rods blocking weapon...