2013-05-05 Adam Borowskis/dazzling sphere/dazzling spray/ in the changelog. 0.12.1
2013-05-05 Adam BorowskiMention cursed blunt butchery in the changelog.
2013-05-05 DracoOmegaFix a crash with aiming magic dart past monsters with...
2013-05-04 Adam BorowskiChangelog for 0.12.1
2013-05-04 DracoOmegaFix a battlesphere crash with non-standard zaps, improv...
2013-05-04 Adam BorowskiAssert-crash on invalid zaps.
2013-05-04 Samuel BronsonEvoke fog ability icon for cloak of the Thief (Reaver)
2013-05-02 Adam BorowskiChangelog for 0.11.2
2013-05-01 Steve MelenchukEnsure abyss shifts with the Orb don't crash the game. 0.12.0
2013-05-01 Steve MelenchukFix typos in changelog.
2013-05-01 Christoph SchmittChanges to the changelog.
2013-05-01 Chris CampbellFix some hints mode messages
2013-05-01 Chris CampbellFix a nausea hint
2013-05-01 Chris CampbellTutorial fixes
2013-05-01 Pekka LampilaFix WebTiles handling of keys made with AltGr
2013-05-01 Florian DieboldSimplify and rename a function.
2013-05-01 Kyle FoxEnabled aptitudes and species info hotkeys to work...
2013-05-01 Florian DieboldEnable gzip encoding for Webtiles (Medar).
2013-05-01 Adam BorowskiChangelog: don't use imperative form.
2013-05-01 Adam BorowskiChangelong: list the highlights.
2013-04-30 ellipticSync manual from the wiki.
2013-04-30 ellipticUpdate FAQ.
2013-04-29 Adam BorowskiFix an inoperative battlesphere check.
2013-04-29 Adam BorowskiFix a crash if Xom acts when you're at a zero stat.
2013-04-29 Adam BorowskiFix a few "no previous declaration" warnings in tiles.
2013-04-29 David Lawrence... Fix warning caused by apparently missing #ifdef.
2013-04-29 Adam BorowskiFix a "no previous declaration" warning on Windows.
2013-04-29 Adam BorowskiFix a name conflict with std::ignore.
2013-04-29 Adam BorowskiFix invalid message colour and job names being accepted.
2013-04-29 Adam BorowskiFix a monster_type misbuild with clang-3.3.
2013-04-29 Adam BorowskiDrop a couple of useless comparisons.
2013-04-29 Adam BorowskiFix a misbuild with clang-3.3.
2013-04-29 Adam BorowskiDisallow identifying/enchanting/recharging melded items...
2013-04-29 Kyle FoxPressing ? displays List of Character Backgrounds durin...
2013-04-29 ellipticUpdate the description for Imprison.
2013-04-28 Chris CampbellAdjust lugonu_bribe for god changes, identify guarantee...
2013-04-27 Chris CampbellAdd no transforming to Zin's conduct list
2013-04-27 Chris CampbellRemove an altar vault
2013-04-27 Chris CampbellFix an unrand vault
2013-04-27 Chris CampbellUpdate year in license.txt
2013-04-27 Chris CampbellHide staff of enchantment from the item knowledge screen
2013-04-26 Pekka LampilaShow wielded unidentified decks right in WebTiles
2013-04-26 Pekka LampilaCopy needs_autopickup prop in get_item_info
2013-04-26 Pekka LampilaIn WebTiles show read message key as F12
2013-04-26 Pekka LampilaReally fix WebTiles HP/MP bar overflow
2013-04-26 Pekka LampilaAllow using - key in WebTiles stash search menu
2013-04-26 Florian DieboldRemove a debugging message in Webtiles (|amethyst).
2013-04-26 DracoOmegaFix a possible crash with using interlevel recall durin...
2013-04-26 DracoOmegaLet disintegration and orbs of destruction properly...
2013-04-24 ellipticFix Finesse being applied multiple times for reaching...
2013-04-24 Raphael LangellaGive a message about Oka's suppression of demonic guardian.
2013-04-23 Samuel BronsonFix ontoclasm's "tile offset thing" when rebuilding...
2013-04-23 Samuel BronsonEradicate ASSERT(smc); replace with something more...
2013-04-23 Samuel BronsonMake grunt_ashenzari_visionary subvaults more teleport...
2013-04-23 Samuel BronsonDevastator: give "Time to introduce the shillelagh...
2013-04-23 Samuel BronsonScythe of Curses: don't give miscast effect on unmeld.
2013-04-23 Samuel BronsonPrint messages on unmeld, partly to avoid silly messages.
2013-04-22 ellipticFix poisonous cloud prompting on self-target even with...
2013-04-19 David Lawrence... Simplify.
2013-04-19 David Lawrence... Fix more of Mantis 6884: Manually uncurse hides after...
2013-04-19 ellipticDon't make blinking into shallow water take longer.
2013-04-18 ellipticDon't blame obsidian axe demons on the player's god.
2013-04-18 ellipticDon't tell vampires they can bottle blood when they...
2013-04-17 Chris CampbellFungi don't have mouths
2013-04-17 Chris CampbellAdd a message when failing to move in fungus form
2013-04-17 Raphael LangellaPrevent the new quotes from being unwrapped.
2013-04-17 Chris CampbellAdd a missing option to options_guide contents
2013-04-17 Pete HurstQuotes for literary items (#6371 - WarukuZ)
2013-04-17 ontoclasmSpear and quarterstaff doll tiles (roctavian, 6892)
2013-04-17 ontoclasmDemon and dragon tiles (roctavian, 6892)
2013-04-17 Adam BorowskiRewrite the section about platforms Crawl runs on.
2013-04-17 Adam BorowskiRemove a "last modified" header from INSTALL.txt
2013-04-17 ontoclasmForest fire tile
2013-04-17 ontoclasmRealign Lamia's weapon
2013-04-17 ontoclasmErica tile edit
2013-04-17 ontoclasmNew Lamia tile
2013-04-17 Samuel BronsonMake Yred/Beogh's recall abilities prevent recalled...
2013-04-17 DracoOmegaImprove prompts for moving while confused and near...
2013-04-17 Robert BurnhamLogic reordering for Mantis 6874
2013-04-17 Robert BurnhamFurther fixes to 6874, permafying temporary DS mutations
2013-04-17 Robert BurnhamMantis 6874: Mutation message for temp mutations becomm...
2013-04-17 Samuel BronsonFix wear-ID of ring of poison resistance (rPois) from...
2013-04-17 Pete Hurst#6877 Don't increase hunger when unmelding Vampire...
2013-04-15 Steve MelenchukRemove an entry vault.
2013-04-13 ellipticApply attack delay and hunger for failed reaching attac...
2013-04-12 Chris CampbellAdd a message when trying to reskill with all skills...
2013-04-12 DracoOmegaFix simulacra not getting AF_COLD branded attacks
2013-04-12 DracoOmegaFix all monster attack flavours inflicting 0 damage
2013-04-11 Chris CampbellFix typo in Okawaru arena vault
2013-04-11 Adam BorowskiTypo fix.
2013-04-10 Steve MelenchukChange the changelog header to reflect an upcoming...
2013-04-09 David Lawrence... Typo fix.
2013-04-09 David Lawrence... Add four more color names to the miscellaneous database.
2013-04-09 ellipticAdd short_text for a few statuses, record many more...
2013-04-09 Steve MelenchukA couple of vault fixes and tweaks.
2013-04-09 Steve MelenchukMove a couple of vaults from incorrect files to correct...
2013-04-08 Chris CampbellAdd back a Xom message
2013-04-08 Adam BorowskiMake undead frogs 'z', as planned.
2013-04-07 DracoOmegaFix a rare crash with door seals expiring
2013-04-07 Adam BorowskiFix a crash during startup.