2012-09-03 Neil MooreSave compatibility for abyssal stairs. inception
2012-09-03 Brendan HickeySkeletal Warriors and the Abyss
2012-09-03 Brendan HickeySlowly scale rune chance with depth
2012-09-03 Brendan HickeySimplify Abyssal rune rolling.
2012-09-03 Brendan HickeyThe 27 levels of the abyss
2012-09-03 Brendan HickeyAbyssal portals.
2012-09-03 Neil MooreFormatting fixes, and make a function static.
2012-09-03 Brendan HickeyMore Abyss exits after rune collection.
2012-09-03 David Lawrence... Simplify mons_pronoun() logic: only visible monsters...
2012-09-03 Policarpo Caballerofsim: Fix simulation of ranged attacks.
2012-09-03 David PloogStrawberry reduction
2012-09-02 Adam BorowskiGive angels in evilmike_silver_temple Zinny name, desc...
2012-09-02 Adam Borowskiadd a missing :else in firewood_loft.
2012-09-02 David Lawrence... Prefix str_to_ego() with an underscore, as it's static.
2012-09-02 David Lawrence... Since staves are removed, add tridents to Xom's snakabl...
2012-09-02 David Lawrence... Ensure all references to the SoH refer to all SoH types.
2012-09-02 David Lawrence... Reorder functions to match header files.
2012-09-02 ellipticRemove generation of "staff" items.
2012-09-02 David Lawrence... Typo fix.
2012-09-02 Adam BorowskiSlash relative weights of bazaar maps by 10.
2012-09-02 Adam BorowskiIncrease the weight of the generated bazaar map.
2012-09-02 Chris CampbellFix trowel portals not being placed in existing vaults
2012-09-02 Chris CampbellRestrict some overflow altars to more appropriate places
2012-09-02 Chris CampbellRemove a testing weight
2012-09-02 Chris CampbellCap the number of Bazaars generated by Trowel cards
2012-09-02 Michael GagnoChange lightli_zot_lavaisle into a lavacorridor.
2012-09-02 Michael GagnoGet rid of Zot:5 subvaults.
2012-09-02 Michael GagnoThree minivaults. (Guppyfry)
2012-09-02 Michael Gagno"Cornered adventurer" minivault. (Lasty)
2012-09-02 Michael GagnoMinivault with a rod of summoning... (Lightli)
2012-09-02 Michael GagnoFour entry vaults. (Lightli)
2012-09-02 Michael GagnoInsane Zot:1-4 vault. (Lightli)
2012-09-02 Michael GagnoA farm-themed entry vault. (Lightli, HangedMan)
2012-09-02 Michael GagnoMany labyrinth vaults, including a minotaur vault....
2012-09-02 Michael GagnoTwo entry vaults. (nagdon)
2012-09-02 Michael GagnoPrint more information to the character log in arena...
2012-09-02 Michael GagnoBalance changes to arena sprint.
2012-09-02 Michael GagnoAdjust scroll shops in arena sprint.
2012-09-02 Michael GagnoAdjust arena sprint shops.
2012-09-02 Michael GagnoRemove "team" waves from arena sprint.
2012-09-02 Michael GagnoFix an error if the lich is blocked from spawning in...
2012-09-02 Neil MooreOptimise title_pooryurik_knight.png
2012-09-02 Michael GagnoHeavily restrict which monsters are able to flee at...
2012-09-02 Adam Borowskiontoclasm's set of new Abyss tiles.
2012-09-01 Neil MooreGive quotes to small zombies and simulacra (#6142).
2012-09-01 Neil MooreCorrectly learn brand of throwing artefact weapons.
2012-09-01 Florian DieboldFix weapon placement for Agnes.
2012-09-01 David Lawrence... Fix inaccurate Ely message: unholy and evil weapons...
2012-08-31 David PloogNew title screen (poor_yurik).
2012-08-31 Neil MooreDismiss the monster if fsim is cancelled.
2012-08-31 Neil MooreMake fsim monsters MF_HARD_RESET.
2012-08-31 Neil MooreDon't crash if a monster moves during fsim (#6140).
2012-08-31 David Lawrence... Fix wording.
2012-08-31 Neil MooreDon't crash on slevels:1 theme randbooks.
2012-08-30 Adam BorowskiA desc for Arena Sprint spawn points.
2012-08-30 Adam BorowskiUse $GXX rather than $GCC for compile tests.
2012-08-30 Chris CampbellDon't let gods bless dancing weapons with permanent...
2012-08-30 Chris CampbellSlightly increase the durations of some Xom monster...
2012-08-30 Chris CampbellCap Xom's statloss at 1 unless bored
2012-08-30 Chris CampbellMake potions of decay immediately rot some HP instead...
2012-08-30 Neil MooreDo death message and item drops for miscast kills ...
2012-08-30 Neil MooreDon't mention !p !* =p for blood gods or Beogh.
2012-08-30 Neil MooreSpoil Nemelex's secret tech.
2012-08-30 David Lawrence... Fix typos in and wording of new descriptions.
2012-08-29 Adam BorowskiDescs for Arena more inventive bosses.
2012-08-29 Adam BorowskiLink descs for arena sprint monsters who are pure renames.
2012-08-29 Adam BorowskiGive pghosts and pillusions flawed IOODs.
2012-08-29 Adam BorowskiDon't force darkgrey to blue on OS X.
2012-08-29 Adam BorowskiPurge some fruit_mask cruft.
2012-08-29 Adam BorowskiMake shatter functions static again.
2012-08-29 Policarpo CaballeroFix shield blocking in the fsim
2012-08-29 Raphael LangellaPrevent friendly summons from attacking out of LOS.
2012-08-29 Raphael LangellaBuff alarm traps (again).
2012-08-29 Raphael LangellaStyle fix.
2012-08-29 Neil MooreDon't Jiyva-shuffle stats to zero (#6130).
2012-08-29 Darshan ShaligramMake crash milestones use the correct time.
2012-08-28 ellipticFix the spell order in Book of Burglary (_Jordan_).
2012-08-28 David Lawrence... Fix Mantis 6128: Don't mark unidentified wands of invis...
2012-08-28 Neil MooreRemove two unused player methods.
2012-08-28 Neil MooreMake chaos spawn tiles more chaotic.
2012-08-28 Neil MooreDon't draw wall shadows around mangroves.
2012-08-28 Neil MooreDon't crash when a constrictor follows you upstairs.
2012-08-28 Neil MooreFix _autopickup_subtype() edge cases.
2012-08-28 Neil MooreCorrect Warpwright description.
2012-08-28 David Lawrence... Fix aptitude template formatting.
2012-08-28 Neil MooreReally fix rings of life protection, without crashing.
2012-08-28 Neil MooreFix monster rings of life protection/poison resistance.
2012-08-28 ellipticHO apt changes: Exp +1 -> 0, Axes +2 -> +3.
2012-08-28 ellipticSwap Earth and Air apts for Deep Elf.
2012-08-28 ellipticIncrease Tengu experience apt from -1 to 0.
2012-08-28 ellipticUse a +1 to -2 scale for Exp apt instead of 100 to...
2012-08-27 Adam BorowskiUse unique_ptr instead of auto_ptr (emulated for non...
2012-08-27 Florian DieboldWebtiles: Be a bit more resilient against errors while...
2012-08-27 Adam BorowskiGet rid of std:: in the rltile tool.
2012-08-27 Adam BorowskiCut another case of std::
2012-08-27 Adam BorowskiAllow "%"PRI to build in C++11 mode.
2012-08-27 Adam BorowskiRename hash(), it conflicts with std::hash in C++11.
2012-08-27 David Lawrence... Fix changelog entry punctuation.
2012-08-27 David Lawrence... Mention troll hide drop changes in the changelog.
2012-08-27 Raphael LangellaUpdate the changelog.