2015-03-30 Nicholas FeinbergFix an autoexplore trap (minmay) master
2015-03-30 Nicholas Feinberg(Almost) remove (monster) pale & grey draconians
2015-03-30 Nicholas FeinbergNew overflow vault
2015-03-30 ellipticTweak MP apts towards 0.
2015-03-30 Neil MooreDon't remind online trunk players about the tournament.
2015-03-30 Nicholas FeinbergChangelog through 0.17-a0-287-g93b8e50
2015-03-30 reaverbRemove Lugonu corpse sacrifices
2015-03-30 Nicholas FeinbergDon't crash when acquring armour in a form
2015-03-30 Corin Buchanan... Implement flat mp scaling and remove mp cap
2015-03-30 Corin Buchanan... Lower all species Evo apts by 1
2015-03-29 Chris CampbellDon't make phantasmal warrior melee pierce shields...
2015-03-29 Chris CampbellDon't randomly generate silent spectres in Crypt
2015-03-29 Chris CampbellMerge unborn into death knights
2015-03-29 Chris CampbellDon't let revenants ignore silence
2015-03-29 Neil MooreFix compilation.
2015-03-29 Jesse Luehrsshow commands in the log
2015-03-29 Jesse Luehrsone more time
2015-03-29 Neil MooreCorrect spelling for real.
2015-03-29 Jesse Luehrsfix travis script
2015-03-29 Jesse Luehrshow about i stop trying to pretend i can write shell...
2015-03-29 Jesse Luehrsuse bash here too
2015-03-29 Jesse Luehrsi guess i should stop trying to write posix sh
2015-03-29 Jesse Luehrstry a different implementation of retry
2015-03-29 Jesse Luehrsdon't error on unset env vars
2015-03-29 Nicholas FeinbergAdjust D unique depths
2015-03-29 Nicholas FeinbergDouble Sonja's XP again (elliptic)
2015-03-29 Nicholas FeinbergDouble Terence XP
2015-03-29 Nicholas FeinbergFix Nikola XP to the previously mentioned value
2015-03-29 Nicholas FeinbergIncrease Nikola XP by 1/3rd
2015-03-29 Nicholas FeinbergIncrease Rupert XP by 50%
2015-03-29 Nicholas FeinbergIncrease Frederick XP by 50%
2015-03-29 Nicholas Feinberg~double Sigmund's XP
2015-03-29 Nicholas FeinbergSpike Mara XP
2015-03-29 Nicholas FeinbergIncrease Erolcha XP
2015-03-29 Nicholas FeinbergDramatically increase Vashnia XP
2015-03-29 Nicholas FeinbergIncrease Sonja XP
2015-03-29 Nicholas FeinbergRemove many melee uniques from water branches
2015-03-29 Nicholas FeinbergIncrease Gastronok XP by 50%
2015-03-29 Nicholas FeinbergRoughly equalize SoH XP
2015-03-29 Nicholas FeinbergRoughly double Mennas XP
2015-03-29 Nicholas FeinbergTweak Sojobo XP up slightly
2015-03-29 Nicholas FeinbergDouble Jorgrun XP
2015-03-29 Nicholas FeinbergDramatically increase Ijyb's XP value
2015-03-29 Nicholas FeinbergIncrease Dowan/Duvessa XP by 50%
2015-03-29 Nicholas FeinbergRemove the 15k XP cap
2015-03-29 Nicholas FeinbergBuff Nessos' XP
2015-03-29 Nicholas FeinbergPull out some bad item rejection code
2015-03-29 Nicholas FeinbergObey the whim of the lycanpedanthrope (wheals)
2015-03-29 Nicholas FeinbergPull out _adjust_brand from acq
2015-03-29 ellipticFix ego clua for branded missiles (pikaro).
2015-03-29 Nicholas FeinbergRefactor wand acq code
2015-03-29 Jesse Luehrsthis script needs to die when commands fail
2015-03-29 Jesse Luehrsposix style function definition
2015-03-29 Chris CampbellFix autopickup of scrolls/potions matching those in...
2015-03-29 gammafunkUse appropriate colour values in monster generation...
2015-03-29 Nicholas FeinbergAlso generalize some Lair vault depths
2015-03-29 Nicholas FeinbergGeneralize some orc vault depths
2015-03-29 Jesse Luehrsmove this into a script
2015-03-29 Neil MooreSelect BAND_RANDOM_SINGLE members from random leaders...
2015-03-29 Jesse Luehrstry to make this a bit less flaky
2015-03-29 Nicholas FeinbergColor unmemorized book spells forbidden (2960)
2015-03-29 Neil MooreRestore high-damage attack verbs (G-Flex)
2015-03-29 ellipticDon't crash when calling clua it.slot for an object...
2015-03-29 Neil MooreTweak grunt_temple_overflow_magic_moments.
2015-03-29 Chris CampbellUpdate Qazlal's wrath description
2015-03-29 Chris CampbellRefactor monster abjuration
2015-03-28 ellipticStop lying to poor innocent bots and tell them that...
2015-03-27 Neil MooreFix up a comment.
2015-03-27 Neil MooreDefine SIZE_MAX if we don't have it.
2015-03-27 Neil MooreSatisfy typographical pedants (wheals)
2015-03-27 ellipticFix monsters with phase shift having 8 more EV than...
2015-03-27 gammafunkDon't give the player a phyting chance with this vault...
2015-03-27 gammafunkClean up placement of some Swamp vaults
2015-03-27 Nicholas FeinbergDon't try to acq invalid body armour types
2015-03-27 Nicholas FeinbergBase acquirement on per-armour weights
2015-03-27 Nicholas FeinbergAllow getting PARMs from subtypes alone
2015-03-27 Nicholas FeinbergComment armour_def.
2015-03-27 gammafunkSome vaults from the incredible yet twisted mind of...
2015-03-26 Neil MooreFix compiler warnings with freetype 2.5.4+
2015-03-26 Chris CampbellDe-duplicate some logic for Ash's cursed weapon skill...
2015-03-26 Chris CampbellMention that quicksilver dragon hides grant MR+ in...
2015-03-26 Shmuale MarkObey item colour overrides for projectiles.
2015-03-26 Shmuale MarkImprove mimic names.
2015-03-26 Shmuale MarkFix some parameter types/names.
2015-03-26 Shmuale MarkDon't claim that Elliptic sent you a message.
2015-03-26 Shmuale MarkSome unrand desc typo fixes (argonaut).
2015-03-26 gammafunkDon't allow Dith's shadow step to work on firewood
2015-03-26 Chris CampbellMake tiny volcanoes tinier
2015-03-26 Chris CampbellMake breath weapon mutations conflict
2015-03-26 Chris CampbellMerge Spit/Breathe Poison mutations, give Nagas Spit...
2015-03-26 Chris CampbellDon't make unbreathing mutation conflict with breath...
2015-03-26 Chris CampbellDon't let species that can't wear body armour mutate...
2015-03-26 Chris CampbellDon't make staves of Summoning abjure on hit
2015-03-26 Neil MooreDon't start Jiyva's second name with j + consonant.
2015-03-26 Neil MooreName some magic constants.
2015-03-26 Neil MooreMark a function static.
2015-03-26 Neil MooreHush another sign warning.
2015-03-26 Neil MooreReplace more unused sanity checks with asserts.
2015-03-26 Nicholas FeinbergAdd some acquirement debug messages
2015-03-26 Nicholas FeinbergRe-allow Xom to gift useless items