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2011-03-28 k clairadd documentation of dependencies for running tests master github/master gitorious/master
2011-03-25 k clairMerge commit ''
2011-03-23 Micah Andersonadd information about all_profiles_visible to UPGRADE...
2011-03-23 Micah Andersonupdate CHANGELOG to include #2773
2011-03-23 k clairReplace '<' and '>' so people don't think there's a...
2011-03-23 pietroUse Greencloth lite_mode to parse chat messages. Hopefu...
2011-03-22 k clairthis method of determining the directory tabs makes...
2011-03-22 k clairadding release documentation
2011-03-21 k clairfix some integration tests to use translated strings...
2011-03-21 k clairmethod of determining if 'my groups' tab should be...
2011-03-21 k clairhopefully this fixes #2785 once and for all
2011-03-21 k clairmore wording changes for profile visibility option
2011-03-21 k clairthis method of checking whether or not to show the...
2011-03-21 k clairadd population to geo data
2011-03-21 k clairmove db migrate task up in the world
2011-03-21 k clairchange wording for all profiles visible option. fixes...
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