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2014-02-24 Richard FontanaImprove Network Services Condition section. master
2014-02-24 Richard FontanaDefine 'Network Services Source'; other clarifications.
2014-02-24 Richard FontanaMove 'Licensed Patents' definition to section 1.
2014-02-24 Richard FontanaAdd URLs and substitute SPDX abbreviations in Appendix A.
2014-02-24 Richard FontanaAttempt at definition of 'Proprietary License'.
2014-02-24 Richard FontanaAdded Affero-like provision, with definition of 'Networ...
2014-02-22 Richard FontanaRemove upstream contribution licensing condition.
2014-02-11 Richard FontanaMosty changed My Work to My Code, Covered Work to Cover...
2014-02-10 Richard FontanaMinor changes in sections 1 and 2.
2014-02-10 Richard FontanaEliminate 'Distribute'/'Distributor' as defined terms.
2014-02-10 Richard FontanaDelete no-longer-used 'FSF-Free' and 'OSI-Approved...
2014-02-10 Richard FontanaLots of mostly formal changes; substantive change to...
2014-02-03 Richard FontanaMake export control statement a separate section; impro...
2014-02-03 Richard FontanaMake Inbound License Compatibility separate section...
2014-02-03 Richard FontanaImprovements to warranty/liability disclaimers.
2014-02-03 Richard FontanaReword symmetrical licensing section for clarity.
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