2015-04-21 Richard Fontana'Public Interface' clarification moved to definition... master
2015-04-21 Richard Fontana'Derivative Work' => 'Enhancement'.
2015-04-21 Richard FontanaUpdate definition of Copyleft-Next Project.
2015-04-21 Richard FontanaDelete empty file.
2015-04-21 Richard FontanaUpdate information on centralized source location.
2015-04-21 Richard FontanaHave HBR refer to canonical HBR repository.
2015-04-11 Richard FontanaAdd Andrew Engelbrecht to THANKS.
2015-04-11 Richard FontanaMerge branch 'master' of git://
2015-04-11 Ben CottonShorten the definition of Network Service.
2015-04-11 Andrew EngelbrechtClarify that the negation in the middle of the paragrap...
2015-04-11 Richard FontanaShorten the definition of Network Service.
2015-04-11 Richard FontanaClarify that the negation in the middle of the paragrap...
2015-04-11 Richard FontanaIntend clarification that copyleft does not extend...
2015-04-11 Richard FontanaAttempt to codify FSF's Sveasoft doctrine.
2015-04-11 Richard FontanaDelete pointless clarification of "Licensed Patents...
2015-04-11 Richard Fontana.
2014-02-24 Richard FontanaImprove Network Services Condition section.
2014-02-24 Richard FontanaDefine 'Network Services Source'; other clarifications.
2014-02-24 Richard FontanaMove 'Licensed Patents' definition to section 1.
2014-02-24 Richard FontanaAdd URLs and substitute SPDX abbreviations in Appendix A.
2014-02-24 Richard FontanaAttempt at definition of 'Proprietary License'.
2014-02-24 Richard FontanaAdded Affero-like provision, with definition of 'Networ...
2014-02-22 Richard FontanaRemove upstream contribution licensing condition.
2014-02-11 Richard FontanaMosty changed My Work to My Code, Covered Work to Cover...
2014-02-10 Richard FontanaMinor changes in sections 1 and 2.
2014-02-10 Richard FontanaEliminate 'Distribute'/'Distributor' as defined terms.
2014-02-10 Richard FontanaDelete no-longer-used 'FSF-Free' and 'OSI-Approved...
2014-02-10 Richard FontanaLots of mostly formal changes; substantive change to...
2014-02-03 Richard FontanaMake export control statement a separate section; impro...
2014-02-03 Richard FontanaMake Inbound License Compatibility separate section...
2014-02-03 Richard FontanaImprovements to warranty/liability disclaimers.
2014-02-03 Richard FontanaReword symmetrical licensing section for clarity.
2014-02-03 Richard FontanaDelete unnecessary reference to DJ actions in 10b.
2014-02-03 Richard FontanaClarify 10b.
2014-02-03 Richard FontanaReword last sentence of termination section.
2014-02-03 Richard FontanaFix line lengths.
2014-02-03 Richard FontanaSimplify first sentence of section 3.
2014-02-03 Richard FontanaFix line lengths.
2014-02-03 Richard FontanaMake wording of first sentence of section 3 clearer.
2014-02-03 Richard FontanaMove placeholder Affero section for consistency with...
2014-02-03 Richard FontanaCorrect title of section 1.
2014-02-03 Richard FontanaSpacing format fix.
2014-02-03 Richard FontanaPut 'No Trademark License' in its own section.
2014-02-03 Richard FontanaReplace work with (undefined) 'Code' in symmetrical...
2014-02-03 Richard FontanaAdd placeholder for Affero-like condition.
2014-02-03 Richard FontanaReplace OSI/FSF/CLN formula of nullification provision...
2014-02-03 Richard FontanaOxford (?) comma standardization.
2013-05-20 Richard FontanaFirst draft of permissive-next.
2013-05-17 Richard FontanaAdd 0.3.0 to Releases. v0.3.0
2013-05-17 Richard FontanaFix spurious capital in 'My Work' definition.
2013-05-17 Richard FontanaFix line lengths.
2013-05-17 Richard FontanaRevise definition of "Licensed Patents" to clarify...
2013-05-17 Richard FontanaImprove phrasing of nullification provision.
2013-05-17 Richard FontanaImproved phrasing of para. 2 in object code distributio...
2013-05-17 Richard FontanaEliminate "Compatible License" definition in section 4.
2013-05-17 Richard FontanaRevise 'Derived Work' definition to implement weak...
2013-05-14 Richard FontanaAdd Carlos Alberto Lopez Perez to THANKS.
2013-05-14 Richard FontanaDelete unnecessary reference to FSF publication in...
2013-05-14 Richard FontanaFactor definitions of 'FSF-Free', 'OSI-Approved', ...
2013-05-14 Richard FontanaExpand title of section 1.
2013-05-13 Richard FontanaFix incorrect section number references.
2013-05-05 Richard FontanaClarify Corresponding Source definition.
2013-05-05 Richard FontanaClarify 'no new copy loophole' clause in termination...
2013-05-05 Richard FontanaReplace "network location" with "URL" in section 5.
2013-05-05 Richard FontanaClarify language of sections 7 and 8.
2013-04-24 Richard FontanaInbound license compatibility for non-GNU Rule-of-Two...
2013-04-23 Richard FontanaMove nullification provision further down.
2013-03-12 Richard FontanaAdd 0.2.1 to Releases. v0.2.1
2013-03-12 Richard FontanaImprove 'Patch' provision.
2013-03-11 Richard FontanaMinor stylistic change in last sentence of section 5.
2013-03-09 Richard FontanaDelete definition of 'Apache License'; clarify referenc...
2013-03-09 Richard FontanaAlphabetized items in Definitions section.
2013-03-09 Richard FontanaImprovements to child-of-poison-pill (COPP) section.
2013-03-04 Richard FontanaFix typo in
2013-02-28 Richard FontanaRemove 'strong vs. weak' explanation; replace 'strong...
2013-02-27 Richard FontanaRemove NEWS file as not The Done Thing (as suggested...
2013-02-26 Pamela ChestekAnti-badgeware clause: generalize 'powered-by statement...
2013-02-26 Richard FontanaRestore defined terms 'Distribute' and 'Distributor'.
2013-02-26 Pamela ChestekDelete child-of-fair-use clause in section 1.
2013-02-26 Richard FontanaFix line lengths.
2013-02-26 Pamela ChestekRestore "such that copyright permission is required...
2013-02-26 Richard FontanaFix line lengths.
2013-02-26 Engel NystDelete 'to Me' in upstream contribution provision.
2013-02-20 Richard FontanaUpdate NEWS re 0.2.0.
2013-02-20 Richard FontanaAdd 0.2.0 release. v0.2.0
2013-02-20 Richard FontanaAdd 'Copyleft Sunset' provision.
2013-02-20 Richard FontanaSome rewording of object code distribution condition.
2013-02-20 Richard FontanaMove inbound=outbound condition earlier in license...
2013-02-20 Richard FontanaMinor improvement to inbound=outbound condition.
2013-02-20 Richard FontanaAdd inbound=outbound-style contribution condition.
2013-02-20 Richard FontanaSimplify object code distribution section.
2013-02-20 Richard FontanaEconomize 'no remote downstream termination' clause...
2013-02-20 Richard FontanaMinor word order change in pass-through section.
2013-02-20 Richard FontanaAdd 'powered by' clauses to anti-badgeware clause in...
2013-02-20 Richard FontanaSome rewording of 'nullification' provision.
2013-02-20 Richard FontanaReverse order of child-of-fair-use clause and no-tradem...
2013-02-20 Richard FontanaRevise in various ways.
2013-02-20 Richard FontanaAdd Masayuki Hatta and Kuno Woudt to THANKS.
2013-02-19 Richard FontanaSimplify 'Derived Work' definition slightly.
2013-02-19 Richard FontanaDelete 'part of' part of 'My Work' definition as potent...