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2010-11-04 andyprokjtrade_information.php works with NAMEREGEX as well now master
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2010-11-04 andyprokjFinished parsing of View My Nation page, including...
2010-11-04 andyprokjWorked further on View My Nation page
2010-11-04 andyprokjView My Nation until-without "Military Information"
2010-11-04 andyprokjbegan working on View My nation
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2010-11-04 andyprokjsome cleanup
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2010-11-04 andyprokjfinished commenting box/users/trade_information.php
2010-11-04 andyprokjcommented a bit
2010-11-04 andyprokjdirty middle station
2010-11-04 andyprokjAdded parsing and displaying of the Trade Agreements...
2010-11-04 andyprokjin case of low auth, include the box instead of "not...
2010-11-04 andyprokjrenamed index.php to box.php,
2010-11-04 andyprokjmodified the box to be able to handle automated inputs...
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