last changeMon, 26 Sep 2011 14:47:31 +0000 (18:47 +0400)
2011-09-26 Paul KomkoffLose incompatible flags master
2011-09-02 Paul P. Komkoff JrProto update
2011-08-30 Paul P. Komkoff JrFix compilation
2011-04-22 Paul P. Komkoff JrUpdate gitignore
2011-04-19 Paul P. Komkoff JrUpdate protos
2011-04-19 Paul P. Komkoff JrMake boost version configurable.
2010-10-07 Paul KomkoffSimple logging to stdout
2010-10-07 Paul KomkoffMove subprocess initialization to bottom half
2010-10-07 Paul KomkoffRemove compile.cmd
2010-10-07 Paul KomkoffFixups for updated cancel callback
2010-10-06 Paul KomkoffLet's try fixing once more
2010-10-05 Paul KomkoffMore debugging
2010-10-05 Paul KomkoffThe worst possible race condition fix that doesn't...
2010-10-05 Paul KomkoffSync protos. Move them around. Use explicit _micros.
2010-10-03 Paul KomkoffConditionalize protobuf copying.
2010-10-03 Paul KomkoffRevert "Fix typo in FillEnv, with local environment."
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