last changeMon, 26 Sep 2011 14:48:22 +0000 (18:48 +0400)
2011-09-26 Paul KomkoffLose incompatible flags master
2011-04-19 Paul P. Komkoff JrRemove PROCESS_MEMORY_COUNTERS_EX definition
2010-10-03 Paul KomkoffRemove one warning
2010-10-03 Paul KomkoffAdd -m32 to support mingw64.
2010-08-13 Paul P. Komkoff JrAdd UTF8 encoding, some compatibility fixes
2010-03-16 Paul P. Komkoff JrAdd SetBufferUTF8
2010-03-16 Paul P. Komkoff JrFinish SetString refactor
2010-03-16 Paul P. Komkoff JrSome string setters moves
2009-10-18 Mike MirzayanovDLL injection support
2009-09-11 Paul P. Komkoff JrReturn correct value in Subprocess_Start
2009-08-19 Paul P. Komkoff JrTest cruft
2009-08-19 Paul P. Komkoff JrIntroduce hard memory limit. Make current memory limit...
2009-06-20 Paul P. Komkoff JrSplit "Start" into "Launch" and "StartEx".
2009-05-19 Paul P. Komkoff JrRecord all break-loop conditions in SuccessCode, not...
2009-05-19 Paul P. Komkoff JrSet size of the TotalProcesses field to uint64_t
2009-05-19 Paul P. Komkoff JrUndo lame change to makefile that broke everything.
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