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2015-05-10 Bradley M.... Correct attr in lookup as well. master
2015-05-10 Bradley M.... Correct lookup of attribute.
2015-05-10 Bradley M.... Correct keys to be the code name of the fundraiser
2015-05-10 Bradley M.... Get an empty dict & no error when attrs not there
2015-05-10 Bradley M.... correct variable name.
2015-05-10 Bradley M.... Correct method name.
2015-05-10 Bradley M.... Correct method name.
2015-05-09 Bradley M.... Generate JSON output of a fundraiser data
2015-04-21 Martin MichlmayrFix HTML syntax errors
2015-04-20 Bradley M.... Add scaled vrsion of picture.
2015-04-03 Bradley M.... Yes,they're generous, but text is too long for box
2015-04-03 Bradley M.... Don't duplicate donate now in the text.
2015-04-03 Bradley M.... Updates to note completion of match goal.
2015-04-03 Bradley M.... Update to denote end of $50k match goal period.
2015-04-02 Bradley M.... Correct height of progress bar (HT tmarble)
2015-04-02 Bradley M.... Formatting looks weird without an new <p>
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