last changeSun, 9 May 2010 21:22:53 +0000 (22:22 +0100)
2010-05-09 Robin BurchellMove game logic out to Board class. master
2010-05-09 Robin BurchellStabilise GSocket a bit, and make multiplayer game...
2010-05-09 Robin BurchellReorganise common code to common/
2010-05-09 Robin BurchellFlesh out GSocket a little more.
2010-05-09 Robin BurchellChange to match my new preference of Qt coding style.
2010-02-08 Robin BurchellAdd comments to clarify how checkWin() works.
2010-02-08 Robin BurchellConvert this to an enum, thanks John. (Why didn't I...
2010-02-08 Robin BurchellTodo note.
2010-02-08 Robin BurchellGPL, fix comments in a lot of places.
2010-02-06 Robin BurchellModify projects to link ProtocolCommand.
2010-02-06 Robin BurchellsetLength() -> updateLength().
2010-02-06 Robin BurchellAdd ProtocolCommand::length(), and a lot of Q_ASSERT.
2010-02-06 Robin BurchellGeneral tidyup.
2010-02-06 Robin BurchellUse an offset pointer, removing a lot of memory copies...
2010-02-06 Robin BurchellMove data members to ProtocolCommand::Private.
2010-02-06 Robin BurchellAppend a size byte to the start of the message. This...
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