last changeSat, 30 Mar 2013 20:57:12 +0000 (13:57 -0700)
2013-03-30 Gabriel M.... Fixing incorrect 'Version' value master
2013-03-30 Gabriel M.... INSTALL.txt: Add pkg-config as a build requirment
2011-12-12 Gabriel M.... Tritium: MixerImpl: replace tabs with spaces.
2011-12-12 Gabriel M.... Tritium: MixerImpl: optimize mix_down() a little.
2011-12-12 Gabriel M.... Tritium: Effects::getPluginList() was constantly scanni...
2011-12-12 Gabriel M.... Remove all references to QCoreApplication.
2011-12-12 Gabriel M.... Merge branch 'maint-0.006'
2011-12-12 Gabriel M.... LV2 Sampler: [WA] Check for QCoreApplication::instance()
2011-07-23 Gabriel M.... Bump version to 0.006.2 for release. composite-0.006.2
2011-07-19 Gabriel M.... LV2 Sampler: Pass LV2_EVENT_URI as the `map` parameter...
2011-07-19 Gabriel M.... LV2 Sampler: Gracefully handle a 0 return from uri_to_id().
2011-07-15 Gabriel M.... t_Serialization: Set environment variable for data... composite-0.006.1
2011-07-15 Gabriel M.... Add environment variable "COMPOSITE_DATA_PATH" to find...
2011-07-15 Gabriel M.... Bump version to 0.006.1 (bugfix release)
2011-07-15 Gabriel M.... t_AudioPort: fix degenerate tests on float precision.
2011-07-15 Gabriel M.... Change test failure to compiler warning on t_SeqScript...
7 years ago composite-0.006.2 composite-0.006.2
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8 years ago debian/0.006-3
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8 years ago composite-0.006 composite-0.006
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9 years ago composite-0.002 composite-0.002
9 years ago composite-0.000 composite-0.000
9 years ago hydrogen-new_fx_rack_and_sample_fun
9 years ago hydrogen-post-0.9.4-pre-fx-fun-merge
9 years ago hydrogen-0.9.4
9 years ago hydrogen-0.9.4-rc2
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9 years ago hydrogen-0.9.4-rc1
5 years ago maint-0.006
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