Composite is will be a software application/system for real-time, in-performance sequencing, sampling, and looping. It has a strong emphasis on the needs of live performance improvisation. It is built around the Tritium audio engine, which includes LV2 plugins and developer libraries.

Composite is currently in the planning phase, so all that is available at this time are the planning documents below. Composite is Free Software (GPL v2 or later).


2010-02-23: v0.004 Released — Beta varsion of LV2 Sampler Plugin. Lots of back-end changes, but no changes in the Composite front-end. Tarball 0.004 (SHA1).

2009-11-17: v0.002 Released — An alpha release, 0.002, is available. The chief feature is that it has been rebranded to 'Composite,' which makes it safe to build and run it without corruption your installation of 'Hydrogen.' Download a tarball from gitorious (3.3 MB). (You may have to wait a moment and then reload the page.)



The Composite Sampler Plugin.


To participate in the project, please join the mailing list. Otherwise, contact Gabriel M. Beddingfield <>.