Make dynamic-bindings for each class.
[commonqt:commonqt.git] / info.lisp
2012-11-28 Stas BoukarevMake dynamic-bindings for each class.
2012-11-26 Stas BoukarevMaintain an override table on the CPP side.
2012-08-19 Stas BoukarevBetter error messages.
2012-03-02 Luís OliveiraUse .dylib instead of .so on Darwin.
2010-11-17 Stas BoukarevMerge
2010-11-17 Stas BoukarevMerge branch 'mi-hack' of git://
2010-11-16 Ivan ShvedunovFixed can-marshal-p for QLists and QByteArrays, added...
2010-11-06 Ivan ShvedunovImproved marshalling/unmarshalling of QList<T> (for...
2010-10-15 Stas BoukarevSlightly reorganize file structure.
2010-10-14 Stas BoukarevMore descriptive names for ClassFn related functions...
2010-10-03 Ivan ShvedunovDetermine the real object class in %QOBJECT, reuse...
2010-09-10 Stas Boukarevfind-qtype: off by one error.
2010-08-11 Stas BoukarevFix compilation warnings.
2010-08-05 Stas Boukarevinfo.lisp(find-qtype): If no <module> optional paramete...
2010-05-24 David LichteblauStrongly reference live dynamic objects
2010-04-18 David LichteblauMethod lookup caching
2010-04-04 David LichteblauRemoved +x bits
2010-04-03 davidWindows fixes
2010-04-03 David LichteblauMore casting fixes
2010-02-05 David Lichteblaumake the name argument to ensure-smoke mandatory
2010-01-31 David Lichteblauinit_*_Smoke now callable without name munging hack
2010-01-31 David Lichteblaufixed use of position in module-number
2009-12-06 David LichteblauUse manual memory management
2009-10-25 David LichteblauDebugging assertions
2009-10-24 David LichteblauQuery smoke dynamically instead of building CLOS object...
2009-07-31 David Lichteblaufixed qdescribe
2009-07-26 David Lichteblaupartial reinit, save-lisp-and-die, rebirth
2009-07-26 David Lichteblaurepaired qapropos
2009-07-12 David Lichteblaumultiple smoke instances
2009-05-03 David LichteblauMerged fixes
2009-03-30 David LichteblauMerge branch 'smoke1' into smoke2
2009-03-29 David LichteblauMerge branch 'smoke1' into smoke2
2009-03-29 David Lichteblauflush %qobject-metaobject cache in init-smoke
2009-03-24 davidMerge branch 'smoke1' into smoke2
2009-03-23 davidRevert "Backport to smoke 1"
2009-03-23 davidmemory management overhaul
2009-03-18 David LichteblauDelete C++ objects in a finalizer
2009-03-18 David LichteblauMerge branch 'smoke2' into smoke1
2009-03-18 David LichteblauBackport to smoke 1
2009-03-18 David Lichteblauinitial commit