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2011-01-03 CheezRemove dylib and add to gitignore devel master
2011-01-03 CheezPass parameters to asdf (note, have to define the varia...
2011-01-03 CheezAllow multiple qapp exec() in one session by resetting...
2011-01-03 CheezSome cleanups and fixing typo for *library-prefix*
2011-01-03 CheezAdd ability to start gui thread in calling thread....
2011-01-02 CheezSupport for running on Mac. ACtually works
2010-12-26 David LichteblauAdd microbenchmarks for the INTERPRET- functions
2010-12-26 David LichteblauAdd Microbenchmarks as tests/microbench.lisp
2010-12-26 David LichteblauBugfix: Signal an error on invalid function specificati...
2010-12-26 David LichteblauMacroexpand function specifications (with test case)
2010-12-26 David LichteblauAdd a test case for :override in defclass
2010-12-21 Ivan ShvedunovAdded QVariant conversions for single/double float...
2010-12-21 Ivan ShvedunovAccept types as strings in QTYPEP.
2010-12-21 Ivan ShvedunovSignal an error when invalid signal / slot signatures...
2010-12-21 Ivan ShvedunovFixed OUTPUT-FILES method for CPP->SO in qt.asd.
2010-12-12 David LichteblauRegression fix and test case for QByteArray unmarshalling qbytearray-fix
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