Made contactlistener static.
[commhistory:libcommhistory.git] / src / queryresult.h
2012-04-20 Topi PaavolaMade contactlistener static.
2012-04-20 Topi PaavolaFix multiple instances of ContactListener being created...
2011-12-02 Arto NykänenMerge branch 'master' into harmattan
2011-12-01 Arto NykänenThree new coverity issues fixed
2011-11-10 Topi PaavolaMerge branch 'master' into harmattan
2011-11-10 Topi PaavolaImproved support for preferNickname/nameOrder settings.
2011-09-26 Topi PaavolaMerge branch 'master' into harmattan
2011-09-23 Topi PaavolaAdded Event::Headers property for generic message headers.
2011-07-13 Topi PaavolaChanged contact person.
2011-07-13 Topi PaavolaChanged contact person.
2011-05-30 Arto NykänenMerge branch 'master' into harmattan
2011-05-30 Arto NykänenFixes: NB#248452 - Contact name is not shown in Call...
2011-03-24 Roman BurelomovMerge remote branch 'origin/master' into bz227565
2011-03-23 Topi PaavolaAdded chained query support to transactions.
2011-03-14 Artem GarmashMerge branch 'qsparql'
2011-03-14 Topi PaavolaReplaced contactIds() and contactNames() with contacts().
2011-03-08 Artem GarmashRemove unused QueryResult::fillEventFromModel()
2011-03-08 Topi PaavolaRemoved QueryHelper, added generic query functionality...
2011-03-08 Topi PaavolaAdded event.contactIds() and event.contactNames().
2011-03-08 Topi PaavolaMoved predefined group queries to preparedqueries.h.
2011-03-08 Topi PaavolaReorganized events query and contacts subquery, don...
2011-03-08 Artem GarmashRemove unused qttracker group queries
2011-03-08 Artem GarmashConvert message part query to sparql
2011-03-08 Artem GarmashSupport To, CC, Bcc properties in EventsQuery, use...
2011-03-08 Artem GarmashRemove tracker dependency from query result, use string...
2011-03-08 Artem GarmashSupport reading group from a static query with the...
2011-03-08 Artem GarmashSupport running EventsQuery based queries in EventModel...
2011-03-08 Artem GarmashUse QSparql for query executions
2010-12-16 Paolo CapriottiInitial commit