2012-11-20 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded dxo-remove-unneeded-spaces.
2012-11-19 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded c-cond statement and objc-string expression.
2012-11-19 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded gdb-object-to-sexp command.
2012-11-16 Pascal J. BourguignonFixed dxo c-style.
2012-11-15 Pascal J. BourguignonMoved c-style stuff arround.
2012-11-15 Pascal J. BourguignonCompleted configuration of dxo c-style.
2012-11-15 Pascal J. BourguignonRenamed pjb-ocedit.el to pjb-objc-edit.el
2012-11-12 Pascal BourguignonAdded a simple Objective-C code generator.
2012-11-11 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded pjb-ocedit.el
2012-05-07 Pascal J. BourguignonParameterized pjb-add-header for batch use.
2012-04-17 Pascal J. BourguignonCorrected a bug in walk-sexps s/when/while/.
2012-03-21 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded list-all-bindings.
2012-03-20 Pascal J. BourguignonMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2012-03-20 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded pjb-zone to reformat zone files.
2012-02-24 Pascal J. BourguignonMerged changes.
2012-02-24 Pascal J. BourguignonChanges.
2012-02-24 Pascal J. BourguignonAdde GPLv3, LGPLv3 and AGPLv3 to the set of available...
2012-01-31 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded macro mshow.
2012-01-31 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded some TODO.
2012-01-31 Pascal J. BourguignonCorrected string-pad.
2011-06-01 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded clean-alist, clean-plist, alist->plist and plist...
2011-05-01 Pascal J. BourguignonBumped copyright year.
2011-04-19 Pascal J. Bourguignon(^ x exp) accepts floating point exp arguments.
2011-04-05 Pascal J. BourguignonUpdate to the pjb-sources-licenses definition.
2011-02-26 Pascal J. BourguignonCorrected the FILE: comment.
2010-12-19 Pascal J. BourguignonCommented out LSOURCE for now.
2010-11-29 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded 1/3 and 1/6 screen width to full-frame settings.
2010-11-09 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded pjb-pmatch.el, converted from Common Lisp com...
2010-10-30 Pascal J. BourguignonRenamed multifile-replace-string to recursive-replace...
2010-10-07 Pascal J. BourguignonMerge branch 'master' of ssh://voyager.informatimago...
2010-10-07 Pascal J. BourguignonBegun implementing commands. Sketch.
2010-10-07 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded first version of a PL/1 mode.
2010-10-07 Pascal J. BourguignonImplemented first version of psql, using pg.el
2010-09-16 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded first attempt to PL/1 mode (adapted from pascal...
2010-08-28 Pascal J. BourguignonUpdates to generate the summary.html file.
2010-08-28 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded coding:utf-8
2010-08-28 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded pjb-gnus.el
2010-07-27 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded pjb-comint.
2010-07-27 Pascal J. BourguignonExtracted disabled comint-filter functions from ~/...
2010-05-23 Pascal BourguignonAdded ensure-list to pjb-list.el
2010-04-26 Pascal BourguignonModified pjb global variables.
2010-04-24 Pascal BourguignonAdded changes made to old darcs repositories.
2010-04-24 Pascal BourguignonFirst checkin.