2012-02-09 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded scanner-error condition.
2012-02-08 Pascal J. BourguignonCorrected typoe.
2012-02-08 Pascal J. BourguignonIndented defpackage form.
2012-02-08 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded constraints.lisp;
2012-02-08 Pascal J. BourguignonImproved scanner.lisp; added readline to peek-stream.
2012-02-08 Pascal J. BourguignonMoved in constraints.lisp from rdp.
2012-02-05 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded NAK to the set of codes escaped with DLE.
2012-02-05 Pascal J. BourguignonUpdated asd files.
2012-02-05 Pascal J. BourguignonCorrected bugs.
2012-02-05 Pascal J. BourguignonConverted from C code in Minitel application.
2012-02-04 Pascal J. BourguignonConverted from C code.
2012-02-03 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded match-case*.
2012-02-02 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded dfa to asd, fixed dfa.
2012-02-01 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded 'dfa.lisp'.
2012-01-31 Pascal J. BourguignonCorrected typoes.
2012-01-31 Pascal J. BourguignonUpdated the ASD system descriptions.
2012-01-31 Pascal J. BourguignonMerge branch 'master' of git://
2012-01-31 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded parameter-specifier method for destructuring...
2012-01-31 Pascal J. BourguignonUpdated.
2012-01-31 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded priority-queue.
2012-01-31 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded topological-sort.
2012-01-31 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded comment and URL.
2011-12-29 Samium Gromoffcommon-lisp/lisp-reader: SYMBOL-MISSING-IN-PACKAGE...
2011-12-29 Samium Gromoffcommon-lisp/lisp-reader: provide a way to deal with...
2011-12-27 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded double-RENAME-PACKAGE to ADD-NICKNAME.
2011-12-10 Pascal J. BourguignonUpdated URL.
2011-12-10 Pascal J. BourguignonUpdated URL.
2011-09-17 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded test for code-char in lschar since ccl returns...
2011-08-03 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded POSITIONS and VECTOR-DELETE.
2011-06-21 Pascal J. BourguignonCorrected DLL.
2011-04-29 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded potential-number-p.
2011-04-10 Pascal J. BourguignonSome changes to ieee-754 conversion routines.
2011-04-05 Pascal J. BourguignonCorrected check-directories-exist.
2011-04-03 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded list-lengths.
2011-01-29 Pascal J. BourguignonImproved mapconcat, as mon_key on irc://irc.freenode...
2010-12-31 Pascal J. BourguignonRemoved useless TRUNCATE.
2010-12-31 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded again the handling of encodings hashtable in...
2010-12-10 Pascal J. BourguignonSome corrections to compile.
2010-12-09 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded
2010-12-09 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded HASH-TABLE-PATH.
2010-12-09 Pascal J. BourguignonTuning compilation.
2010-12-05 Pascal J. BourguignonSmall corrections.
2010-11-14 Pascal J. BourguignonFixes.
2010-11-07 Pascal J. BourguignonReplaced old compile.lisp files with a single compile...
2010-11-06 Pascal J. BourguignonMoved away old compile.lisp files.
2010-11-06 Pascal J. BourguignonMoved some files around. Added README in all libraries.
2010-11-06 Pascal J. BourguignonRemoved com.informatimago.common-lisp.file (merged...
2010-11-06 Pascal J. BourguignonMerged back com.informatimago.common-lisp.file into...
2010-11-01 Pascal J. BourguignonSplit the com.informatimago.common-lisp library into...
2010-08-29 Pascal J. BourguignonUpdated systems.
2010-08-29 Pascal J. BourguignonCorrections to avoid warnings and notes with ECL.
2010-08-28 Pascal J. BourguignonUpdates to generate the summary.html file for .el files.
2010-08-27 Pascal J. BourguignonCorrected urls in summary.html files again.
2010-08-27 Pascal J. BourguignonCorrected urls in summary.html files.
2010-08-27 Pascal J. BourguignonUpdated summaries (removed references to darcs).
2010-08-27 Pascal J. BourguignonMerge branch 'master' of ssh://voyager.informatimago...
2010-08-27 Pascal J. BourguignonExported *SHELL-OUTPUT* and *SHELL-ERROR*.
2010-08-27 Pascal J. BourguignonMoved the repository-url to local for summary.html...
2010-08-18 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded conventially named system definition files.
2010-07-27 Pascal J. BourguignonRegenerated asd and html files.
2010-07-24 Pascal J. BourguignonMerged from informatimago.
2010-07-18 Pascal J. Bourguignonscript.lisp: Removed call to with-pager.
2010-07-18 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded script.lisp and version.lisp
2010-07-18 Pascal J. Bourguignonreader.lisp: Added bug comment; raiden.lisp: removed...
2010-07-12 Pascal J. BourguignonCorrected change-working-directory and check-directorie...
2010-07-12 Pascal J. BourguignonMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2010-07-11 Pascal J. BourguignonMerge branch 'master' of ssh://voyager.informatimago...
2010-07-11 Pascal J. BourguignonChanged graph-class initialize-instance to let the...
2010-07-07 Pascal J. Bourguignonpackage.lisp: debugging ecl asdf; browser.lisp: use...
2010-07-06 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded a line to the README.
2010-07-06 Pascal J. BourguignonCorrected EDIT for ecl pathname handling.
2010-06-29 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded :short option to LSPACK.
2010-06-27 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded and moved post-clisp.awk.
2010-06-27 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded some conditional reading for sbcl.
2010-06-27 Pascal J. BourguignonFactorized out modules Makefiles into
2010-06-26 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded :vanillap t option to generate :cl-source instead...
2010-06-03 Pascal BourguignonSome changes for ecl.
2010-05-24 Pascal BourguignonAdded changelog entry in csv.lisp.
2010-05-20 Pascal J. BourguignonCorrected csv-parse-record.
2010-05-03 Pascal J. BourguignonTODO: Implement clmisc/resource-utilization.lisp CPU...
2010-04-24 Pascal BourguignonFirst checkin.