2012-08-25 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded (declare (stepper trace)) for functions.
2012-08-25 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded a note. Corrected a typo in the docstring of...
2012-08-21 Pascal J. Bourguignonkeyword is not a class --> use symbol instead.
2012-08-19 Pascal J. BourguignonCorrected a bug in make-argument-list.
2012-08-16 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded the :function stepping mode to trace only functio...
2012-08-14 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded *STEP-MAX-CALL-DEPTH*, *STEP-TRACE-OUTPUT*, ...
2012-08-12 Pascal J. BourguignonCorrected processing of tags in tagbody.
2012-08-11 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded define-condition; restaured top-levelness of...
2012-08-10 Pascal J. Bourguignonsplit-string now works on sequences; Corrected string...
2012-08-10 Pascal J. BourguignonCorrected some other bugs.
2012-08-10 Pascal J. BourguignonRemoved constraints on types of arguments in string...
2012-08-09 Pascal J. BourguignonCorrected some bugs.
2012-08-09 Pascal J. BourguignonCorrected the test/extract -> test/parse-body.
2012-08-09 Pascal J. BourguignonCorrected a few bugs.
2012-08-09 Pascal J. BourguignonCorrected a typo.
2012-08-09 Pascal J. BourguignonCompleted the Common-Lisp Stepper.
2012-08-08 Pascal J. BourguignonNoted a bug/feature.
2012-08-08 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded an example.
2012-08-08 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded link to new ibcl implementation.
2012-08-08 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded an example in the package docstring.
2012-08-08 Pascal J. BourguignonImplemented IBCL completely.
2012-08-07 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded some notes.
2012-08-06 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded ibcl and stepper.
2012-08-02 Pascal J. BourguignonCorrected comment typo.
2012-08-02 Pascal J. BourguignonSpecial case for simpl-base-string in make-utf8-cstring...
2012-08-02 Pascal J. BourguignonMinor edits.
2012-08-02 Pascal J. BourguignonCorrected typo :plisp -> :plist.
2012-07-15 Pascal J. BourguignonUpdated reference to LUA 5.2 manual.
2012-07-15 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded link to LUA 5.1 manual.
2012-07-15 Pascal J. BourguignonRemoved duplicate lua.lisp
2012-07-15 Pascal J. BourguignonFirst checking of LUA tools.
2012-07-15 Pascal J. BourguignonCorrected some bugs. Some additions for new software.
2012-07-15 Pascal J. BourguignonChecked in LINC into public repository.
2012-07-15 Pascal J. BourguignonChecked in LINC into public repository.
2012-07-15 Pascal J. BourguignonChanged a few loop keywords for keywords.
2012-07-14 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded (setf scanner-source) to update stream at the...
2012-07-14 Pascal J. Bourguignons/push/pushnew/ for *features*.
2012-07-10 Pascal J. Bourguignonecho-stream may be a subclass of two-way-stream (eg...
2012-07-10 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded plist-cleanup.
2012-07-02 Pascal J. BourguignonCorrected a typo :valing -> :valign
2012-06-24 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded a couple of tests.
2012-06-24 Pascal J. BourguignonUpdated norvig loaded.
2012-06-24 Pascal J. Bourguignoncorrection while working on nasium-lse.
2012-06-24 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded reference to rps101.htm and rps25.htm
2012-06-24 Pascal J. BourguignonFixes while working on Patchwork.
2012-06-24 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded REPLACE-SUBSEQ.
2012-06-22 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded *read-base* binding to sex-file-contents.
2012-06-20 Pascal J. BourguignonCorrected *paip-source-files* for ccl (and conformity...
2012-06-09 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded ARRAY-EQUAL-P.
2012-06-02 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded android to ecl platforms.
2012-05-14 Pascal J. BourguignonCorrected set-syntax-from-char.
2012-05-04 Pascal J. BourguignonCorrected a typo.
2012-05-04 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded name/nickname; Added new features of MKCL.
2012-05-02 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded implode and explode.
2012-04-30 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded with-standard-io-syntax macro.
2012-04-29 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded BUGS/TODO.
2012-04-29 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded header, added BUGS/TODO.
2012-04-29 Pascal J. BourguignonUpdated mode line.
2012-04-29 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded external-format and html encodings.
2012-04-29 Pascal J. BourguignonCorrected calls to make-url.
2012-04-29 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded README.html
2012-04-29 Pascal J. BourguignonChanged mac to darwin in #+.
2012-04-29 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded document strings. Added lispdoc.
2012-04-24 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded missing arguments to push.
2012-04-24 Pascal J. BourguignonReplaced #+#. by pushing symbols on *features* and...
2012-04-24 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded dependency on closer-mop.
2012-04-24 Pascal J. BourguignonImplemented Telnet option STATUS.
2012-04-22 Pascal J. BourguignonMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2012-04-22 Pascal J. BourguignonUpdated indications to get rdp.
2012-04-22 Pascal J. BourguignonRemoved ASD files from small-cl-pgms/rdp/; Updated...
2012-04-22 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded an implementation of the TELNET Protocol.
2012-04-20 Pascal J. BourguignonCompleted the TEST function.
2012-04-20 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded :start and :stop to ASCII-STRING and ASCII-BYTES.
2012-04-20 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded CLforJava.
2012-04-17 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded display of the number of implementations.
2012-04-17 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded what-implementation and install targets.
2012-04-17 Pascal J. BourguignonCorrected typoe.
2012-04-17 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded report-implementation.
2012-04-17 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded license.
2012-04-17 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded MS-DOS terminal encoding for telnet use.
2012-04-16 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded a comment with future ccl feature.
2012-04-16 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded save image.
2012-04-15 Pascal J. BourguignonCorrected orthography of platform.
2012-04-15 Pascal J. BourguignonECL is mostly written in C.
2012-04-15 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded what-implementation.lisp.
2012-04-15 Pascal J. BourguignonMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2012-04-15 Pascal J. BourguignonChanged the license to the AGPL3. Downcased all the...
2012-04-15 Pascal J. BourguignonDowncased all the lisp sources.
2012-04-15 Pascal J. BourguignonMerged objcl into the main informatimago repository.
2012-04-15 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded AGPL3 license file.
2012-04-14 Pascal J. BourguignonMerged rdp into the main informatimago repository.
2012-04-14 Pascal J. BourguignonMerged small-cl-pgms in here.
2012-04-13 Pascal J. BourguignonRemoved dependency on external data files for tests.
2012-04-09 Pascal J. BourguignonExported *CHARACTER-SETS* for the benefit of com.inform...
2012-04-09 Pascal J. BourguignonFill the character-set encodings at load time and execu...
2012-04-09 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded hash-table-values.
2012-04-09 Pascal J. BourguignonSplit implementation specific stuff from com.informatim...
2012-04-09 Pascal J. BourguignonCompleted the export list of COMMON-LISP (was missing...
2012-04-03 Pascal J. BourguignonRemoved a stray Bell.
2012-04-02 Pascal J. BourguignonSplit lisp-reader:package in three for easier compiling...