Added macro print-parseable-object.
[com-informatimago:com-informatimago.git] / common-lisp / cesarum / utility.lisp
2013-07-27 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded macro print-parseable-object.
2013-06-30 Pascal J. BourguignonCorrected some bugs, and neutralized some warnings...
2013-06-28 Pascal J. BourguignonCorrected some bugs.
2013-06-17 Pascal J. BourguignonMerged.
2013-06-16 Pascal J. BourguignonSome correction and moving around.
2013-06-16 Pascal J. BourguignonMoved topological-sort to utility.lisp.
2013-05-12 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded SET and INDEX-SET.
2013-05-03 Pascal J. BourguignonMerged in new help.
2013-03-27 Pascal J. BourguignonUse ~A to print errors in handling-errors.
2013-03-18 Pascal J. BourguignonMerged.
2013-03-15 Pascal J. BourguignonMoved compose-sexp to eval-when.
2013-01-05 Pascal J. BourguignonMerged.
2012-12-18 Pascal J. BourguignonCorrected two typoes detected by Mirko Vukovic (thanks!).
2012-12-17 Pascal J. BourguignonMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2012-12-15 Pascal J. Bourguignonlispdoc: implemented the whole URI syntax; updated...
2012-10-25 Pascal J. BourguignonResolved conflicts on merge.
2012-04-29 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded document strings. Added lispdoc.
2012-04-22 Pascal J. BourguignonMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2012-04-22 Pascal J. BourguignonRemoved ASD files from small-cl-pgms/rdp/; Updated...
2012-04-15 Pascal J. BourguignonChanged the license to the AGPL3. Downcased all the...
2012-04-15 Pascal J. BourguignonDowncased all the lisp sources.
2012-04-09 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded hash-table-values.
2012-03-04 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded XOR EQUIV IMPLY and SET-EQUAL to cesarum utility.
2012-02-24 Pascal J. BourguignonRemoved debugging print.
2012-02-23 Pascal J. BourguignonRemoved debugging PRINT.
2012-02-15 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded and removed some WITH-STANDARD-IO-SYNTAX.
2012-01-31 Pascal J. BourguignonMerge branch 'master' of git://
2012-01-31 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded topological-sort.
2010-12-09 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded HASH-TABLE-PATH.
2010-12-09 Pascal J. BourguignonTuning compilation.
2010-11-01 Pascal J. BourguignonSplit the com.informatimago.common-lisp library into...