last changeMon, 14 Nov 2011 09:04:18 +0000 (09:04 +0000)
2011-11-14 Johannes BergMake the client code work on big endian machines master
2011-11-13 Richard HughesAdd a new colorhug-inhx32-to-bin binary to make the...
2011-11-13 Richard HughesSupport writing replacement firmware
2011-11-13 Richard HughesAdd support for the reset device command
2011-11-12 Richard Hughestrivial: Add another error enum
2011-11-12 Richard Hughestrivial: update the shared config file
2011-11-11 Richard Hughestrivial: fix 'make check' with the production hardware
2011-11-11 Richard Hughestrivial: rename the tarball to colorhug-client
2011-11-08 Richard HughesShow some color level bars when doing raw samples in...
2011-11-08 Richard HughesAdd a 'set-calibration-ccmx' option to the text mode...
2011-11-08 Richard HughesFix getting the serial number from the device
2011-11-08 Richard HughesAdd another fatal error code
2011-11-07 Richard HughesSplit the shared config file now that it differs
2011-11-07 Richard HughesWe've got an assigned PID from Microchip
2011-11-04 Richard HughesAdd an example spec file and make into a real project
2011-11-04 Richard HughesFix compile with latest shared header file
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