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last changeFri, 15 Mar 2013 20:28:18 +0000 (20:28 +0000)
2013-03-15 Richard HughesRelicence the project from GPLv2+ to CERNv1.1+ master
2013-03-15 Richard HughesAdd initial automake tooling and rpm spec file
2013-03-15 Richard HughesAdd the USB punch to the repository
2013-03-15 Richard HughesAdd the screen gasket to the repository
2013-02-24 Richard HughesAdd an incandescent lamp to the PCB
2013-02-24 Richard HughesAdd a second TCS4300 device
2013-02-21 Richard HughesAdd an optional MCP6H91 Op-Amp output stage from the CCD
2013-02-17 Richard HughesAdd the temerature sensor, SRAM and CCD to the PCB
2013-02-17 Richard HughesUpdate the schematic with the ColorHug Spectro layout
2013-02-17 Richard HughesAdd symbol for 703-1028 RGB LED
2013-02-17 Richard HughesAdd symbol and footprint for the TCD1304DG linear CCD
2013-02-17 Richard HughesDon't have a ground pin on the L78L33AC symbol
2013-02-17 Richard HughesAdd symbol for the Microchip 64K SPI Bus Low-Power...
2013-02-17 Richard HughesAdd symbol for the TCN75A 2-Wire Serial Temperature...
2013-02-17 Richard HughesFix the footprint of TCS3200
2012-05-21 Richard HughesMove in R1 and C5 away from the edge
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