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2013-10-02 Karol BabiochREADME: Fix a typo master
2013-02-21 Richard HughesAdd the ability to get and set CCD calibration values
2013-02-21 Richard Hughestrivial: Fix up an incorrect gtk-doc tag
2013-02-21 Richard HughesAdd constant CH_CALIBRATION_INDEX_MAX
2013-02-20 Richard HughesAdd commands to get the ADC Vref+ and Vref- voltages
2013-02-17 Richard HughesFlash the external RGB LED in the bootloader
2013-02-16 Richard HughesAdd a command to do a spectral reading with the TCD1304...
2013-02-16 Richard Hughestrivial: Some more 'unsigned char' -> 'uint8_t' type...
2013-02-16 Richard HughesMove the ambient sensor and install a tri-color LED...
2013-02-16 Richard HughesDo not turn the LEDs on at startup
2013-02-16 Richard HughesSetup the ADC when setting up the firmware and add...
2013-02-16 Richard HughesIncrease the device frequency to 24 Mhz
2013-02-16 Richard HughesAdd commands to read and write from the SRAM
2013-02-16 Richard HughesAdd support for the Microchip TCN75A to get the ambient...
2013-02-16 Richard HughesTarget the ColorHug Spectro board now
2013-02-16 Richard HughesRemove the Microchip project files as they are unused
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