last changeFri, 9 Dec 2011 22:32:09 +0000 (22:32 +0000)
2011-12-09 Richard Hughestrivial: Post release version bump master
2011-12-09 Richard HughesRelease version 0.1.2
2011-12-05 Richard HughesAdd a lcms error handler in the command line tool
2011-12-05 Richard HughesFix the error messages when importing a ccmx file fails
2011-12-05 Richard HughesRemove the duplicate file filter from the import dialog
2011-12-05 Richard Hughestrivial: fix a crash on exit in colorhug-ccmx
2011-12-04 Richard HughesThe update text is markdown formatted, so add a simple...
2011-12-04 Richard HughesAdd a --verbose command line option to the tools
2011-12-04 Richard HughesAdd a bash completion script for the colorhug tool
2011-12-04 Richard Hughestrivial: fix a use-before-set found by clang
2011-12-04 Richard HughesGet a list of potential CCMX files from a remote server
2011-12-04 Richard Hughestrivial: fix a small memory leak in the flash UI
2011-12-04 Richard Hughestrivial: update firmware location
2011-12-04 Richard Hughestrivial: don't crash when importing a ccmx file
2011-12-04 Richard HughesAdd a 'colorhug list-calibration' functionality
2011-12-04 Richard HughesAdd a 'colorhug clear-calibration' functionality
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