2011-12-04 Richard HughesThe update text is markdown formatted, so add a simple...
2011-12-04 Richard HughesAdd a --verbose command line option to the tools
2011-12-04 Richard HughesAdd a bash completion script for the colorhug tool
2011-12-04 Richard Hughestrivial: fix a use-before-set found by clang
2011-12-04 Richard HughesGet a list of potential CCMX files from a remote server
2011-12-04 Richard Hughestrivial: fix a small memory leak in the flash UI
2011-12-04 Richard Hughestrivial: update firmware location
2011-12-04 Richard Hughestrivial: don't crash when importing a ccmx file
2011-12-04 Richard HughesAdd a 'colorhug list-calibration' functionality
2011-12-04 Richard HughesAdd a 'colorhug clear-calibration' functionality
2011-12-04 Richard Hughestrivial: fix the USB image in the ccmx loader
2011-12-02 Richard HughesAdd a new command GetHardwareVersion
2011-12-02 Richard HughesAllow the user to unplug and plug in colorhug-flash
2011-12-02 Richard Hughestrivial: hide the 'Flash' button when we've just flashed
2011-12-02 Richard HughesFix the version comparison in colorhug-flash
2011-12-02 Richard Hughestrivial: add info about what commands are available...
2011-11-30 Richard Hughestrivial: updates to the reference spec file
2011-11-30 Richard Hughestrivial: Post release version bump
2011-11-30 Richard HughesRelease version 0.1.1
2011-11-29 Richard HughesAdd a calibration matrix display type bitfield to each...
2011-11-29 Richard HughesAdd a simple GUI CCMX file loader
2011-11-29 Richard HughesRename the colorhug-flash desktop file so gnome-shell...
2011-11-28 Richard HughesDon't abort 'make check' if there is no hardware attached
2011-11-28 Richard HughesAdd a man page for colorhug-flash
2011-11-26 Richard Hughestrivial: we need a BR of gtk3-devel, not gtk2-devel
2011-11-25 Richard Hughestrivial: add another section to 'make check' to test...
2011-11-25 Richard HughesUse a better packed float multiplication algorithm...
2011-11-25 Richard Hughestrivial: add a few small fixes to make check
2011-11-25 Richard HughesGet the calibration description from the CCMX file
2011-11-25 Richard HughesMake colorhug-inhx32-to-bin non-verbose by default
2011-11-25 Richard HughesAdd calibration remapping functionality
2011-11-25 Richard HughesAdd a new error enum from the firmware
2011-11-25 Richard HughesAllow erasing flash in chunks larger than 256 bytes
2011-11-24 Richard Hughestrivial: actually wire in the firmware update into...
2011-11-24 Richard HughesAdd a flash update GTK program
2011-11-23 Richard HughesAdd an asyncronous command variant that does not block
2011-11-23 Richard HughesInstall a colorhug logo
2011-11-23 Richard HughesMove some small helper functions to a common file
2011-11-23 Richard HughesUncomment some lines to allow the program flash to...
2011-11-23 Richard Hughestrivial: fix up the GtkApplication name
2011-11-23 Richard HughesEnsure gaps in the hex files are filled by NOP in color...
2011-11-23 Richard HughesRename the error enums. Errors are not always fatal
2011-11-22 Richard HughesAdd two new commands to test booting into the firmware
2011-11-21 Richard HughesSupport pre-scaling the sensor result for maximum accuracy
2011-11-21 Richard HughesSupport up to 64 calibration matrices to be stored...
2011-11-21 Richard HughesAdd a missing error enum
2011-11-21 Richard HughesFix up some of the limits after the switch to packed...
2011-11-21 Richard HughesFix the packed float multiplication to preserve accuracy
2011-11-21 Richard HughesOnly show the useful data in the request-reply data...
2011-11-20 Richard Hughestrivial: fix make check
2011-11-19 Richard Hughestrivial: update some gitignore files
2011-11-19 Richard HughesDon't scale the calibration matrix now we can use large...
2011-11-19 Richard HughesUse a 32 bit packed struct to return readings from...
2011-11-17 Richard HughesUpdate the list of fatal errors
2011-11-16 Richard HughesSet the post-scale value when setting the calibration...
2011-11-16 Richard HughesCorrectly scale the XYZ reading
2011-11-16 Richard HughesSupport setting the post scale value
2011-11-16 Richard Hughestrivial: fix the spec file
2011-11-16 Richard HughesThe firmware now no longer deals with floating point
2011-11-16 Richard HughesSupport the new LED flashing options
2011-11-15 Richard Hughestrivial: Add some debugging for writing flash
2011-11-15 Richard HughesWrite the flash in 32 byte aligned chunks
2011-11-15 Richard Hughestrivial: fix typo
2011-11-15 Richard HughesAdd another fatal error enum
2011-11-14 Richard Hughestrivial: clear the rx buffer too to aid debugging
2011-11-14 Richard HughesAdd a flash erase command
2011-11-14 Richard Hughestrivial: fix the spelling of some enums
2011-11-14 Johannes BergMake the client code work on big endian machines
2011-11-13 Richard HughesAdd a new colorhug-inhx32-to-bin binary to make the...
2011-11-13 Richard HughesSupport writing replacement firmware
2011-11-13 Richard HughesAdd support for the reset device command
2011-11-12 Richard Hughestrivial: Add another error enum
2011-11-12 Richard Hughestrivial: update the shared config file
2011-11-11 Richard Hughestrivial: fix 'make check' with the production hardware
2011-11-11 Richard Hughestrivial: rename the tarball to colorhug-client
2011-11-08 Richard HughesShow some color level bars when doing raw samples in...
2011-11-08 Richard HughesAdd a 'set-calibration-ccmx' option to the text mode...
2011-11-08 Richard HughesFix getting the serial number from the device
2011-11-08 Richard HughesAdd another fatal error code
2011-11-07 Richard HughesSplit the shared config file now that it differs
2011-11-07 Richard HughesWe've got an assigned PID from Microchip
2011-11-04 Richard HughesAdd an example spec file and make into a real project
2011-11-04 Richard HughesFix compile with latest shared header file
2011-11-02 Richard HughesSupport setting the integral time in the UI and allow...
2011-11-02 Richard HughesAdd support for TakeReadingsXYZ
2011-11-02 Richard HughesRemove the ability to set the firmware version
2011-11-02 Richard HughesFix getting and setting the calibration matrix
2011-11-01 Richard HughesAdd the GUI utility code for hardcore users
2011-11-01 Richard HughesAdd a command-id to text function to make debugging...
2011-11-01 Richard HughesAdd a ColorHug strerror to make the errors easier to...
2011-11-01 Richard HughesAdd support for TakeReadings()
2011-11-01 Richard HughesAdd support for reading and writing dark offsets
2011-10-31 Richard HughesSend the data to the correct endpoints for the device
2011-10-31 Richard Hughestrivial: Fatal error 0 means success
2011-10-31 Richard HughesFix sending GetFirmwareVer
2011-10-31 Richard HughesFix sending SetIntegralTime
2011-10-31 Richard HughesFix sending GetIntegralTime
2011-10-31 Richard HughesFix sending SetMultiplier
2011-10-31 Richard HughesAllow setting large serial numbers
2011-10-31 Richard HughesAllow setting the LEDs on the device