2012-08-24 Timur Kristóftouch begin event now also takes the shape into account... qt5-stage1-working
2012-08-24 Timur KristófSanitized touch event handling. Fortunately Qt 5 is...
2012-08-24 Timur KristófFixed mouse handling logic
2012-08-24 Timur KristófFixed some QML binding loops and issues
2012-08-24 Timur KristófRemoved old shape() method, which is no longer supporte...
2012-08-24 Timur KristófMade it handle shapes once again.
2012-08-24 Timur KristófFixed URL handling in PuzzleBoard
2012-08-24 Timur KristófFixed a few build issues (+ moved to a local Qt5 build)
2012-08-19 Timur KristófReadded AppEventHandler + it now sort of works.
2012-08-19 Timur KristófModified license headers to indicate 2012
2012-08-19 Timur KristófPorted QML code. The app now runs, but images are not...
2012-08-19 Timur KristófThe app now compiles on Qt 5. (It doesn't actually...
2012-07-22 Timur KristófDefault value for columns is 3.
2012-07-22 Timur KristófDouble tap now starts the game
2012-07-22 Timur KristófBumped version number
2012-07-22 Timur KristófNew splash screen
2012-06-10 Timur KristófThe app will now once again work on Maemo 5.
2012-03-25 Timur KristófFaster puzzle generation by giving up the "usability...
2012-03-25 Timur KristófAdded more pictures, changed the order of pictures.
2012-02-20 Timur KristófFixed splash and changed it to jpeg. v2.0.2
2012-02-20 Timur KristófAdded splash screen and new .desktop file for Harmattan
2012-02-20 Timur KristófDownscaled these images to make the binary smaller.
2012-02-20 Timur KristófAdded a fancy background image.
2012-02-19 Timur KristófOptified for MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan
2012-02-15 Timur KristófFixed the Swedish translation and added it back. v2.0.1
2012-02-15 Timur KristófFixed a bug with image choosing.
2012-02-15 Timur KristófAdded a comment
2012-02-05 Timur KristófFixed packaging again.
2012-02-05 Timur KristófFixed packaging issues.
2012-02-05 Timur KristófAdded icon in PNG
2012-02-05 Timur KristófAdded new pics to the ImageChooser.
2012-02-05 Timur KristófRemoved pictures whose copyright wasn't clear, added...
2012-02-05 Timur KristófFixed Italian translation; added Finnish translation.
2012-02-05 Timur KristófFixed dialog layouting problems.
2012-01-18 Timur KristófFixed Debian control file.
2012-01-18 Timur KristófBumped version to 2.0 and removed incomplete translatio...
2012-01-15 Timur KristófMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2012-01-15 Timur KristófAll Symbian^3 devices except N8 have multitouch support.
2012-01-08 Timur KristófAdded English "translation"...
2012-01-08 Timur KristófAdjusted Czech translation
2012-01-08 Timur KristófMerge git://
2012-01-08 Timur KristófAdded Turkish translation, added new Hebrew translation...
2012-01-08 Timur KristófMerge branch 'master' of
2012-01-06 Timur KristófOptimized the rotation code.
2012-01-03 Jaroslav ReznikCzech translation (control file)
2012-01-03 Timur KristófBumping version number.
2012-01-03 Jaroslav ReznikCzech translation (messages)
2012-01-03 Timur KristófUpdated Russian translation, thank you ZogG! :)
2012-01-03 Timur KristófForgot to add the files...
2012-01-03 Timur KristófAdded Hebrew translation (by damagedspline), updated...
2012-01-03 Timur KristófAdded scrollbar to ImageChooser, fixed scrollbar behavi...
2012-01-03 Timur KristófAdded a scroll bar to the file selector dialog
2012-01-03 Timur KristófUpdated translations
2012-01-03 Timur KristófFile selector dialog will display an error message...
2012-01-03 Timur KristófPrinting some more stuff.
2012-01-03 Timur KristófFixed $VERSION
2012-01-03 Timur KristófIncremented version numbers
2012-01-03 Timur KristófUpdated Italian translation + credited the authors...
2012-01-03 Timur KristófUpdated Russian translation - thanks ZogG :)
2012-01-03 Timur KristófUsing $VERSION
2012-01-03 Timur KristófUpdated translations
2012-01-03 Timur KristófFixed a bug, now "remove custom image" won't show up...
2012-01-03 Timur KristófUpdated translations
2012-01-03 Timur KristófRussian translation added, thanks to ZogG :)
2012-01-03 Timur KristófMerge git://
2012-01-03 Timur KristófAdded empty translation files for Italian and Czech
2012-01-03 Timur KristófUpdated Hungarian translation
2012-01-03 Timur KristófMerge branch 'master' of
2012-01-03 Timur KristófAdded option to remove custom images and a message...
2012-01-03 Timur KristófIt will now work correctly on Symbian, Harmattan, and...
2011-12-30 Daniel SandmanSwedish translation
2011-12-30 Timur KristófAdded VerticalSlider and VerticalScrollBar components.
2011-12-30 Timur KristófFixing packaging.
2011-12-30 Timur KristófFixed the screen size check.
2011-12-30 Timur Kristóf"Puzzle Master" is translateable.
2011-12-30 Timur KristófAdded new strings to Hungarian translation.
2011-12-29 Timur KristófThe app now remembers the added custom images.
2011-12-29 Timur KristófAdded a dialog to be shown when the game fails to start.
2011-12-29 Timur KristófUpdated Hungarian translation.
2011-12-29 Timur KristófAlso displaying the total number of generated pieces.
2011-12-29 Timur KristófThe strokes of the puzzle items are now cached in pixmaps.
2011-12-29 Timur KristófSome cosmetic changes to the code + removed all semicol...
2011-12-29 Timur KristófAdded a new FileSelectorDialog, to be used on platforms...
2011-12-28 Timur KristófApp version displayed in the about dialog.
2011-12-28 Timur KristófFixed usability bug. Look & feel fixed on Harmattan.
2011-12-28 Timur KristófCompile error fixed on Linux. It's now possible to...
2011-12-28 Timur KristófFixed the icon so it works on Symbian too.
2011-12-28 Timur KristófFixed the redraw issue.
2011-12-28 Timur KristófDisabling rotation in the puzzle pieces themselves...
2011-12-28 Timur KristófAdded code to tell whether the current device supports...
2011-12-28 Timur KristófLooks better this way.
2011-12-28 Timur KristófOrientation locked in landscape for Symbian.
2011-12-28 Timur KristófThe app now works on Symbian devices, and everything...
2011-12-28 Timur KristófImproved usability, it's a bit easier to drag the items.
2011-12-28 Timur KristófAdded "Are you sure?" dialogs for restart and surrender.
2011-12-28 Timur KristófIt is now not possible to trick the hint into winning...
2011-12-28 Timur KristófAdded the possibility to restore items after they're...
2011-12-28 Timur KristófAdded option to set snap difficulty. Snapping made...
2011-12-28 Timur KristófAdding more difficult options to the game with a warnin...
2012-01-28 Timur KristófIt's now a lot smoother to merge smaller pieces with...