last changeTue, 18 May 2010 11:34:51 +0000 (13:34 +0200)
2010-05-18 Thomas ZanderUpdate email addy master
2010-03-13 Thomas Zanderadd comment and suggestion for extension
2010-03-13 Thomas ZanderFix reading of commit data
2010-03-08 Thomas ZanderDon't commit so often.
2010-03-08 Thomas ZanderCopy fixes from vng where this class comes from
2010-01-03 Thomas Zanderignore more dirs by default
2010-01-03 Thomas Zanderfix memory leaks and remove more unsafe code for now
2009-12-29 Thomas ZanderFix typo; don't link to QtGui
2009-12-29 Thomas ZanderFix assert
2009-12-29 Thomas ZanderMerge commit '6a5e59bba8b58f92379f9033dd35d7bbab652b94'
2009-12-29 Thomas Zandergit lock detection.
2009-12-29 Thomas ZanderSeems cleanup sometimes fails; so lets not loose any...
2009-12-29 Thomas ZanderProtect against race-condition
2009-12-29 Thomas ZanderFix the timeout issue; never timeout...
2009-12-22 Thomas ZanderVarious fixes to make the wakeup work properly.
2009-12-18 Thomas ZanderMake swsuspend waking up work
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