2011-12-12 dodoupdate browserify rewrite
2011-12-08 dodoprevent sync io function from beeing called when in...
2011-11-23 dododont run configuration twice
2011-11-23 dodoprint configuration step when in debug mode
2011-11-23 dodoc dont copy complete req object
2011-11-23 dododb allready starts when config loads
2011-11-23 dodolittle bugfix
2011-11-23 dodouse cradle-init to maintain couchdb views and updates
2011-11-23 dodobump normalize.css
2011-11-23 dodoload browserify version from @poelzi
2011-10-04 Daniel Poelzleithnerat least don't break in error case dev
2011-10-04 Daniel Poelzleithneradd debug static switch
2011-10-04 Daniel Poelzleithnermore link fixes
2011-10-04 Daniel Poelzleithnerfix links
2011-10-04 Daniel Poelzleithnerfix not showing correct branch
2011-10-03 Daniel Poelzleithneruse cache ttl in repositories cache
2011-10-03 Daniel Poelzleithnerfix cache config names
2011-09-30 Daniel PoelzleithnerMerge branch 'dev' of git://
2011-09-30 Daniel Poelzleithnerremove print
2011-09-30 dodoless debug
2011-09-30 dodobugfix:./forms:validators.blacklist is used without...
2011-09-30 dodoMerge branch 'dev' of
2011-09-30 Daniel Poelzleithnertired '-)
2011-09-30 dodoMerge branch 'dev' of
2011-09-30 Daniel Poelzleithnerfix typo in fetch refactoring
2011-09-30 dodofixed broken syntax in package.json
2011-09-30 dodoMerge branch 'dev' of
2011-09-30 dodobump normalize.css
2011-09-30 dodonot used and breaking slug require
2011-09-30 dodoget backbone-localStorage directly like modernizr
2011-09-30 dodomodernizr
2011-09-29 Daniel Poelzleithnerupdate models for more direct lookup functions
2011-09-29 Daniel Poelzleithneradd install/start wrapper for elasticsearch
2011-09-28 dodousing stylus' nib
2011-09-27 Daniel Poelzleithnerstart jobserver
2011-09-27 Daniel Poelzleithnerchange admin shell to celery instead of shell
2011-09-27 Daniel Poelzleithnercheck hookio before emmiting
2011-09-27 Daniel Poelzleithneradd password setting functions to user model
2011-09-26 Daniel Poelzleithnersend hooks for viewing pages
2011-09-26 Daniel Poelzleithneradd admin shell
2011-09-26 Daniel Poelzleithneradd for user creation
2011-09-26 Daniel Poelzleithnermore hooks
2011-09-26 Daniel Poelzleithneradd hookio
2011-09-22 dodoforgot the second one master
2011-09-22 dodogit push url warning for older git versions
2011-09-22 dodonpm needs this to pack all submodules into the package
2011-09-22 dodotypo
2011-09-22 dodobump normalize.css
2011-09-22 dodonpm has ha problem with engine version
2011-09-21 dodoscroll to selected line
2011-09-21 dodoclickable line numbers
2011-09-19 dodoexcluded slug into own package
2011-09-19 dodo*grml*
2011-09-18 dodobugfix:slugify username when login
2011-09-18 dodofix to start again
2011-09-18 Daniel PoelzleithnerMerge branch 'dev' of git://
2011-09-18 Daniel Poelzleithnersave sha256 version of email address and allow lookup
2011-09-17 dodocurse you oh mighty typo, mother of all evil bugs
2011-09-17 dodotypo
2011-09-16 Daniel PoelzleithnerMerge branch 'dev' of git://
2011-09-16 Daniel Poelzleithneradd cached git operations through flexcache
2011-09-16 dodoexcluded formatdate into own package
2011-09-15 Daniel PoelzleithnerMerge branch 'dev' of git://
2011-09-13 dodocss3 haz step animations!
2011-09-13 dodoMerge branch 'master' of
2011-09-13 dodowtf
2011-09-13 payloadfixed crawlable email adresses of AUTHORS in the web
2011-09-13 Daniel PoelzleithnerMerge branch 'dev' of git://
2011-09-13 dodoups .. wrong config key
2011-09-13 Daniel PoelzleithnerMerge branch 'dev' of git://
2011-09-12 dodorm unused files
2011-09-12 dodoMerge branch 'master' of
2011-09-12 dodowelcome!
2011-09-12 dodoMerge branch 'master' into dev
2011-09-12 dodoabout page css has now own file
2011-09-12 dodoMerge branch 'payload' of
2011-09-12 payloadsee test.html after making and test.styl
2011-09-12 dodoups .. wrong order
2011-09-12 dodoshow loading identicator when smth was clicked (to...
2011-09-09 dodoconfig uses now jsconfig
2011-09-09 Daniel PoelzleithnerMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into dev
2011-09-09 Daniel Poelzleithnerchanged my name
2011-09-08 dododont spam non breakable spaces
2011-09-08 dodostream files to the client
2011-09-08 dodocommits hav now an index
2011-09-08 dodoauthor lookup now at sio "user" request
2011-09-08 dodofirefox cant read its own Date::toLocaleString m(
2011-09-08 dodofirefox cant read its own Date::toLocaleString m(
2011-09-08 dodoforgot dep
2011-09-08 dodoforgot dep
2011-09-08 dodobump normalize.css
2011-09-08 dododisable welcome page until its ready
2011-09-08 dodoMerge branch 'master' of
2011-09-08 dododisable debug mode by default
2011-09-08 dodowhen in debug mode let browserify reload client side...
2011-09-08 dodowscript tweaks
2011-09-08 dodoshare sessions between and express
2011-09-01 Daniel Poelzleithneradd missing db-design change due git corruption
2011-09-01 payloadconcept of the wrlcome page in comments
2011-09-01 payloadbugfix foo: browserify jquery order fixed, browser...