last changeTue, 21 Feb 2012 14:07:57 +0000 (15:07 +0100)
2012-02-21 Thomas Biegeimproved rules that trigger false positives for hawk master
2012-02-08 Thomas Biegemade a rule "info"
2011-06-17 Thomas Biegeadded rule for FileUtils
2011-06-10 Thomas Biegemake VERIFY_PEER rule just "info"because Rails verifies...
2011-06-08 Thomas Biegetry to make mass assignment rule less prone to false...
2011-06-08 Thomas Biegereduced impact of User.find due to high dependency...
2011-06-08 Thomas Biegeadded rule for incomplete shell escaping methods
2011-05-16 Thomas Biegeadded parallel_tests dir
2011-05-06 Thomas Biegechanged impact of "good" patterns to info
2011-05-05 Thomas Biegeupd
2011-05-05 Thomas Biegecorrected method name
2011-05-05 Thomas Biegeadded update_attributes for an attack vector
2011-05-05 Thomas Biege removed Tempfile rule because it is secure
2011-03-16 Thomas Biegefixed rules to match not only string after the command...
2011-03-16 Thomas Biegeimproved rules to avoid false-positives
2011-03-16 Thomas Biegetry to make rule 2 less prone to false-positives
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