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last changeFri, 10 Feb 2012 08:35:22 +0000 (09:35 +0100)
2012-02-10 Benjamin FranzkeDerive message type from position in .proto file master
2012-02-10 Benjamin FranzkeUse sizeof in encode_varint call for buffer size
2012-02-10 Benjamin Franzkegen_message_list.sed: Add an exmaple
2012-02-10 Benjamin Franzkes/ctx/cm/g; s/struct cmumble_context/struct cmumlbe/g
2011-10-08 Benjamin Franzkeaudio: Another type fix
2011-10-08 Benjamin Franzkeaudio.h: Fix type
2011-09-29 Benjamin FranzkeSupport delimiter in cmdline arguments
2011-09-28 Benjamin FranzkeSupport sending TextMessages
2011-09-28 Benjamin FranzkeSupport receiving TextMessages
2011-09-28 Benjamin FranzkeStore own user in cmumble_context
2011-09-28 Benjamin FranzkeStore channel in cmumble_user
2011-09-28 Benjamin FranzkePass argc and argv for internal commands
2011-09-28 Benjamin Franzkefind_by_id: Fix lookup (v2)
2011-09-28 Benjamin FranzkeRevert "find_by_id: Fix lookup"
2011-09-28 Benjamin Franzkefind_by_id: Fix lookup
2011-09-28 Benjamin Franzkefind_user: Renmae session to session_id for readability
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