last changeWed, 4 Dec 2013 11:31:50 +0000 (12:31 +0100)
2013-12-04 Benjamin FranzkeAdd a FIXME master
2013-12-04 Benjamin FranzkeRemove trailing whitespace
2013-12-04 Benjamin Franzkeaudio: Improve pulseaudio config message a bit
2013-12-04 Benjamin FranzkeAdd a FIXME
2013-12-04 Benjamin FranzkeSet has_<key> for optional integer protobuf elements
2013-12-04 Benjamin FranzkeGet OS name from /etc/os-release
2013-12-04 Benjamin Franzkecmumble: Default to unix username as username
2013-12-04 Benjamin FranzkeMake use of CELT_GET_BITSTREAM_VERSION
2013-11-22 Benjamin Franzkemessage: Return true after receiving udptunnel
2013-11-22 Benjamin Franzkemessage: Use message typedef for udptunnel
2013-11-22 Benjamin Franzkemessage.c: Remove the send mutex
2013-11-22 Benjamin Franzkeaudio: Pull and send the recorded buffer from the main...
2013-11-22 Benjamin Franzkeconnection: Do not unref the input source after creation
2013-11-22 Benjamin Franzkecmumble.c: Use message typedefs in callbacks
2013-11-22 Benjamin FranzkeCoding style fixes
2013-11-22 Benjamin Franzkeaudio.c: Move variable declaration before code
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