Fix lines with more than 80 characters.
[cmumble:cmumble.git] / src / cmumble.c
2011-09-28 Jan KlemkowFix lines with more than 80 characters.
2011-09-25 Benjamin FranzkePrint errors using g_printerr
2011-09-25 Benjamin FranzkeFix coding style
2011-09-25 Benjamin FranzkeAdd gstreamer option group to cmdline options
2011-09-25 Benjamin FranzkeDo not assign and check in if
2011-09-25 Jan KlemkowAdd glib parsing function for argc and argv.
2011-09-24 Benjamin FranzkeAdd a general element finding routine to util.c
2011-09-24 Benjamin FranzkeAdd lc (list channels) command
2011-09-24 Benjamin FranzkeUse an asynchronous connection initiation
2011-09-23 Benjamin FranzkeAdd prefix cmumble_ to struct context and struct user
2011-09-23 Benjamin FranzkeAdd a command interface
2011-09-23 Benjamin FranzkeFix indents
2011-09-23 Benjamin FranzkeMove audio-related stuff into audio.c
2011-09-23 Benjamin FranzkeAdd cmumble_ prefix to recv/send_msg
2011-09-23 Benjamin FranzkeStore callbacks in context
2011-09-23 Benjamin FranzkeMove connection related stuff into connection.c
2011-09-23 Benjamin FranzkeFix warnings
2011-09-23 Benjamin FranzkeAdd input support using readline
2011-09-22 Benjamin FranzkeUse g_print always, not printf directly
2011-09-22 Benjamin FranzkeFixup async read by using GPollableInputStream instead...
2011-09-16 Benjamin FranzkeTypesafe callback initialization
2011-09-12 Benjamin FranzkeReplace g_new0(*,1) with g_slice_new0(*)
2011-05-30 Benjamin FranzkeSet "cmumble [%user%]" name for sinks if type is pulse
2011-05-28 Benjamin Franzkecleanup
2011-05-28 Benjamin FranzkeRemove unnecessary callbacks
2011-05-28 Benjamin FranzkeUse gst_parse_launch for recording pipeline
2011-05-28 Benjamin FranzkeMake use of gst_parse_launch for playback pipeline
2011-05-28 Benjamin FranzkeMove send_msg and recv_msg to messages.c
2011-05-28 Benjamin FranzkeUse enum values for callback positions
2011-05-28 Benjamin FranzkePass UDPTunnel msg as regular protobufcmessage to sendmsg
2011-05-28 Benjamin FranzkeMake receive udp tunnel a fake protobufcmessage
2011-05-28 Benjamin FranzkeAutogenerate message macro list, not directly info...
2011-05-27 Benjamin FranzkeRemove hardcoded server ip
2011-05-27 Benjamin FranzkeAdd support for playback from multiple sessions
2011-05-27 Benjamin FranzkeUse PACKAGE_STRING from config.h rather than hardcoding...
2011-05-27 Benjamin FranzkeCheck for errors when connecting
2011-05-27 Benjamin FranzkeRemove unnecessary header
2011-05-27 Benjamin FranzkeRename socket.c to cmumble.c