2013-11-22 Benjamin Franzkeaudio.c: Move variable declaration before code
2013-11-22 Benjamin Franzkecmumble.c: Fix function name typo
2013-11-22 Benjamin FranzkeCheck for udp type in tunnel message
2013-11-22 Benjamin FranzkePass message type implicity in cmumble_send_*
2013-11-21 Benjamin Franzkemessage: Use g_printerr instead of printf
2013-11-21 Benjamin Franzkeio: Add another missing header
2013-11-21 Benjamin FranzkeCreate playback pipeline not for ourselfs
2013-11-21 Benjamin Franzkerecv_user_state: Check for availability of the session id
2013-11-21 Benjamin Franzkeping: Use new cmumble message abstraction
2013-11-21 Benjamin Franzkemessage.h: Add wrapper around protobufs ugly func names
2013-11-21 Benjamin Franzkemessage: Quit on G_TLS_ERROR_MISC error
2013-11-21 Benjamin Franzkecmumble.c: Inline a makro
2013-11-21 Benjamin FranzkeAdd missing headers
2013-11-21 Benjamin Franzkemumble.proto: Rephrase the copy warning
2013-11-19 Benjamin Franzkegen_message_list.sed: Remove trailing whitespace in...
2013-11-18 Benjamin FranzkeRevert "recv_user_state: Verify needed, but optional...
2013-11-18 Benjamin Franzkeconfigure: Fix protoc-c detection
2013-11-18 Benjamin Franzkerecv_user_state: Verify needed, but optional values
2013-11-18 Benjamin FranzkeImplement channel join
2013-11-18 Benjamin FranzkeAdd verbose option
2013-11-18 Benjamin FranzkeImplement reject message
2013-11-18 Benjamin FranzkeFix typo in cmumble struct name
2012-02-10 Benjamin FranzkeDerive message type from position in .proto file
2012-02-10 Benjamin FranzkeUse sizeof in encode_varint call for buffer size
2012-02-10 Benjamin Franzkegen_message_list.sed: Add an exmaple
2012-02-10 Benjamin Franzkes/ctx/cm/g; s/struct cmumble_context/struct cmumlbe/g
2011-10-08 Benjamin Franzkeaudio: Another type fix
2011-10-08 Benjamin Franzkeaudio.h: Fix type
2011-09-29 Benjamin FranzkeSupport delimiter in cmdline arguments
2011-09-28 Benjamin FranzkeSupport sending TextMessages
2011-09-28 Benjamin FranzkeSupport receiving TextMessages
2011-09-28 Benjamin FranzkeStore own user in cmumble_context
2011-09-28 Benjamin FranzkeStore channel in cmumble_user
2011-09-28 Benjamin FranzkePass argc and argv for internal commands
2011-09-28 Benjamin Franzkefind_by_id: Fix lookup (v2)
2011-09-28 Benjamin FranzkeRevert "find_by_id: Fix lookup"
2011-09-28 Benjamin Franzkefind_by_id: Fix lookup
2011-09-28 Benjamin Franzkefind_user: Renmae session to session_id for readability
2011-09-28 Benjamin Franzkefind_user: Match against session id
2011-09-28 Benjamin Franzkemessage: Fix segfault when error is Null but ret <= 0
2011-09-28 Benjamin FranzkePrint welcome message
2011-09-28 Jan KlemkowFix lines with more than 80 characters.
2011-09-27 Benjamin FranzkeRename: cmumble_command_{complete=>expand_shortcut}
2011-09-27 Benjamin FranzkeFix connection finish, if not connected
2011-09-27 Benjamin FranzkeCatch connection lost
2011-09-27 Benjamin FranzkeAdd readline command completion
2011-09-27 Benjamin FranzkeHandle whitespace around commands
2011-09-27 Benjamin FranzkeAdd support for command shortcuts
2011-09-25 Benjamin FranzkeAdd udp message targets
2011-09-25 Benjamin FranzkeFix bitshift for udp type
2011-09-25 Benjamin FranzkePrint errors using g_printerr
2011-09-25 Benjamin FranzkeFix coding style
2011-09-25 Benjamin FranzkeAdd gstreamer option group to cmdline options
2011-09-25 Benjamin FranzkePrint session id in list_users
2011-09-25 Benjamin FranzkeDo not assign and check in if
2011-09-25 Jan KlemkowAdd glib parsing function for argc and argv.
2011-09-24 Benjamin FranzkeAdd a general element finding routine to util.c
2011-09-24 Benjamin FranzkeAdd lc (list channels) command
2011-09-24 Benjamin FranzkeRename ls commands to lu
2011-09-24 Benjamin FranzkeUse an asynchronous connection initiation
2011-09-23 Benjamin FranzkeAdd prefix cmumble_ to struct context and struct user
2011-09-23 Benjamin FranzkeAdd a command interface
2011-09-23 Benjamin FranzkeFix indents
2011-09-23 Benjamin FranzkeMove audio-related stuff into audio.c
2011-09-23 Benjamin FranzkeExplicitly add ncurses for readline
2011-09-23 Benjamin FranzkeAdd -lncurses for libreadline
2011-09-23 Benjamin Franzkegen_message_list.sed: Use real tab for OpenBSD's sed
2011-09-23 Benjamin FranzkeRename messages.[ch] to message.[ch]
2011-09-23 Benjamin FranzkeRename mumble_message to cmumble_message
2011-09-23 Benjamin FranzkeAdd cmumble_ prefix to recv/send_msg
2011-09-23 Benjamin FranzkeMove recv/send_msg declarations to messages.h
2011-09-23 Benjamin FranzkeRename message.h to message_list.h
2011-09-23 Benjamin FranzkeStore callbacks in context
2011-09-23 Benjamin FranzkeMove connection related stuff into connection.c
2011-09-23 Benjamin FranzkeFix warnings
2011-09-23 Benjamin Fix typo in gcc cflags
2011-09-23 Benjamin FranzkeAdd input support using readline
2011-09-22 Benjamin FranzkeUse g_print always, not printf directly
2011-09-22 Benjamin FranzkeFixup async read by using GPollableInputStream instead...
2011-09-16 Benjamin FranzkeTypesafe callback initialization
2011-09-12 Benjamin FranzkeReplace g_new0(*,1) with g_slice_new0(*)
2011-09-12 Benjamin Franzkegen_messages.sed: Set LC_COLLATE=C
2011-09-12 Benjamin FranzkeShip mumble.pb-c.[ch] is releases
2011-09-07 Benjamin FranzkeUse AC_PATH_PROG for protoc-c
2011-07-12 Benjamin Franzkegen_messages.sed: Rewrite to be posix compatible
2011-07-12 Benjamin Franzkegen_messages.sed: Simplify rules
2011-07-12 Benjamin FranzkeRun sed with LC_ALL=C
2011-07-11 Benjamin Build in suffixed-subdirs
2011-07-11 Benjamin Franzkesrc/ s/$(top_srcdir)\/src/$(srcdir)/g
2011-07-11 Benjamin FranzkeChange build order of mumumble.pb-c.h and messages.h
2011-07-11 Benjamin Franzkesrc/ Fix 80-columns linewrap
2011-07-11 Benjamin FranzkeAdd protoc-c wrapper build script
2011-07-11 Benjamin FranzkeFix out-of source build of messages.h
2011-07-11 Benjamin FranzkeMake use of BUILT_SOURCES variables
2011-07-11 Benjamin FranzkeRemove unneeded m4 dir
2011-07-11 Benjamin FranzkeUse a sed script for generating messages.h
2011-07-11 Benjamin FranzkeGenerate underscore messages names without prefix
2011-07-11 Benjamin FranzkeDrop stringified parameter in MUMBLE_MSG macros
2011-07-11 Benjamin FranzkeAdjust protocol/header generation rules for silent...
2011-07-09 Benjamin Fix libprotbuf-c typo