audio.c: Move variable declaration before code
[cmumble:cmumble.git] / src / audio.c
2013-11-22 Benjamin Franzkeaudio.c: Move variable declaration before code
2013-11-22 Benjamin FranzkePass message type implicity in cmumble_send_*
2013-11-18 Benjamin FranzkeFix typo in cmumble struct name
2012-02-10 Benjamin FranzkeUse sizeof in encode_varint call for buffer size
2012-02-10 Benjamin Franzkes/ctx/cm/g; s/struct cmumble_context/struct cmumlbe/g
2011-10-08 Benjamin Franzkeaudio: Another type fix
2011-09-25 Benjamin FranzkeAdd udp message targets
2011-09-25 Benjamin FranzkeFix bitshift for udp type
2011-09-24 Benjamin FranzkeUse an asynchronous connection initiation
2011-09-23 Benjamin FranzkeAdd prefix cmumble_ to struct context and struct user
2011-09-23 Benjamin FranzkeFix indents
2011-09-23 Benjamin FranzkeMove audio-related stuff into audio.c