Don't fetch url. Only fetch just when we need it (to play the files).
[clutter-grilo-player:cgp.git] / src / cgp-library-group.c
2010-04-07 José Dapena PazDon't fetch url. Only fetch just when we need it (to...
2010-04-05 José Dapena PazChanges to prepare first release.
2010-03-25 José Dapena PazAdd support for searching in search allowed providers.
2010-03-24 José Dapena PazUse GrlMedia instead of uri as content object to be...
2010-03-24 José Dapena PazUpdate to use MX 0.8.0
2010-03-22 José Dapena PazFix browsing a bit, and hide medias without an URL.
2010-03-22 José Dapena PazNavigation through media and categories now working.
2010-03-22 José Dapena PazHandle adding/removing items in library and its pathbar
2010-03-22 José Dapena PazNow CgpPluginsModel will hold all the types visible.
2010-03-22 José Dapena PazAdded new CgpLibraryGroup (group of widgets for browsin...