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[clutter-grilo-player:cgp.git] /
2010-04-05 José Dapena PazChanges to prepare first release.
2010-03-25 José Dapena PazOpen shoutcast playlists to get a valid URI, using...
2010-03-24 José Dapena PazUpdate to use MX 0.8.0
2010-03-17 José Dapena PazAdd dependency on grilo.
2010-03-16 José Dapena Paz"Show library" button in toolbar that scales the player...
2010-03-12 José Dapena PazMigrate to use mx 0.7.3.
2010-03-11 José Dapena Paz* Added support for styling title banner using CSS.
2010-03-10 José Dapena Paz* Added title banner object.
2010-03-10 José Dapena PazInitial commit of CGP (Clutter Grilo Player).