2012-06-16 Ben Doumencstart working on screens
2012-06-16 Ben Doumencfix config parsing, add w/h to config
2012-06-16 Ben Doumencrefactoring config
2012-06-16 Ben Doumencrefactoring global state, add key clicked handling
2012-06-16 Ben Doumencrefactoring
2012-06-16 Ben Doumenchierarchical state machine
2012-06-16 Ben Doumencrefactoring fonts/textures loading, add sprite primitive
2012-06-16 Ben Doumenchandle alpha channel
2012-06-15 Ben Doumencworking textured quad
2012-06-15 Benjamin Doumencstart working on textures
2012-06-15 Benjamin Doumencadd triangle primitive
2012-06-15 Benjamin Doumencworking simple state machine with rendering
2012-06-15 Ben Doumencworking on graphic items & drawing states
2012-06-15 Ben Doumencmodularizing, add states
2012-06-15 Benjamin Doumencadd FPS logs
2012-06-14 Ben Doumencadd simple event loop, some cleanups
2012-06-14 Ben Doumencadd font rendering
2012-06-14 Ben Doumencmissing make, move draw in its own file
2012-06-14 Benjamin Doumencfix assumption
2012-06-14 Ben Doumencadd desktop-gles target, change test loop, fix gles
2012-06-14 Ben Doumencmerging
2012-06-14 Benjamin Doumencupdate build system
2012-06-14 Benjamin DoumencGL compat
2012-06-13 Ben Doumencsimplify
2012-06-13 Ben Doumencmore tests on opengles
2012-06-13 Ben Doumencfix SDL video mode
2012-06-13 Ben Doumencfirst gles test
2012-06-13 Ben Doumencmoving things around, use json for config
2012-06-12 Ben Doumencwicket2, start
2012-04-28 Ben Doumencsmall fixes
2012-04-28 Ben Doumencwicket article done
2012-04-27 Ben Doumencworking on wicket article
2012-04-27 Ben Doumencadd ITB article
2012-04-08 Ben Doumencswitch to qwerty default conf
2012-04-08 Ben Doumencupdate readme
2012-04-08 Ben Doumencfix bug while pushing through portal from opposite...
2012-04-06 Ben Doumencfixing levels, upping version
2012-04-06 Ben Doumencmore color keys, fixing graphic issues on win32
2012-04-05 Ben Doumencdisplay color key
2012-04-05 Ben Doumencfixes
2012-04-05 Ben Doumencfix timing while pausing
2012-04-05 Ben Doumencsave level times
2012-04-05 Ben Doumencadd smooth path
2012-04-05 Ben Doumencfix levels
2012-04-05 Benjamin Doumencfix some cheats
2012-04-02 Benjamin Doumencadd icon
2012-04-02 Benjamin Doumencmissing file
2012-04-02 Benjamin Doumencworking on win32
2012-04-02 Benjamin Doumenclevelset list is static
2012-04-01 Ben Doumencworking on packaging
2012-04-01 Ben Doumencmore work on packaging
2012-03-31 Ben Doumencworking on
2012-03-31 Ben Doumencworking on
2012-03-31 Ben Doumencreadme formatting
2012-03-31 Ben Doumenceditor: mark as beta and disable dynamic
2012-03-31 Ben Doumencfixing some screens
2012-03-31 Ben Doumencadd exit screen
2012-03-31 Ben Doumencadd roadmap
2012-03-31 Ben Doumencpreinit sound
2012-03-31 Ben Doumenclegal stuff
2012-03-31 Ben Doumencadd menu sound
2012-03-31 Ben Doumencworking on sounds
2012-03-31 Benjamin Doumencadd sound legal info
2012-03-31 Benjamin Doumencadd trigger/ouch sounds, wait a bit before reloading...
2012-03-31 Benjamin Doumencadd patches
2012-03-31 Benjamin DoumencMerge branch 'master' of
2012-03-31 Ben Doumencadd patches
2012-03-31 Benjamin DoumencMerge branch 'master' of
2012-03-31 Benjamin Doumencadd more sounds
2012-03-31 Ben Doumencignore up key in panel
2012-03-31 Ben Doumenclegal & packaging stuff
2012-03-31 Ben Doumencdynamic size for alpha popup
2012-03-30 Ben Doumencsmall things
2012-03-30 Ben Doumencmore work on hints
2012-03-30 Ben Doumencbetter hints
2012-03-30 Ben Doumencadd gui hints
2012-03-30 Ben Doumencbetter end screens
2012-03-30 Ben Doumencadd panel tile
2012-03-29 Ben Doumencfix dynamic saving
2012-03-29 Ben Doumencadd start menu
2012-03-29 Ben Doumencrefactoring brush
2012-03-29 Ben Doumencadd pandora help screen
2012-03-29 Benjamin Doumencfix back on editing menu, start work on dynamic objects
2012-03-29 Benjamin Doumencfix falling bug
2012-03-29 Benjamin Doumencadd standard help screen
2012-03-29 Benjamin Doumencupdate credits
2012-03-29 Benjamin Doumencmissing graphic update
2012-03-29 Benjamin DoumencMerge branch 'master' of
2012-03-29 Benjamin Doumencadd Play option to editor & fix lot of editor bugs
2012-03-28 Ben Doumencone more level
2012-03-28 Ben Doumencadd grating tile & associated levels
2012-03-28 Ben Doumencadd grating tile & associated levels
2012-03-28 Ben Doumenccleanup
2012-03-28 Benjamin Doumencgraphics
2012-03-28 Benjamin Doumencsave progress on each new opened level
2012-03-28 Benjamin Doumencfix recursion
2012-03-27 Ben Doumencsmall graphics
2012-03-27 Ben Doumencinvert 2 levels
2012-03-27 Ben Doumencchange default FPS, refactor timer
2012-03-27 Ben Doumencadd on screen timer