2014-04-21 David LichteblauAdd cl-fann
2014-04-21 David LichteblauAdd cl-opencv
2014-04-21 David LichteblauAdd libfixposix
2014-04-21 David LichteblauRemove bogus globbing in count_systems
2013-04-01 David LichteblauTry to be backwards-compatible in source registry cleaning
2013-04-01 David LichteblauMerge remote-tracking branch 'svetlyak/develop'
2013-04-01 David LichteblauAdd sb-bluetooth
2013-04-01 David LichteblauAdd cl-libusb
2013-01-19 Alexander ArtemenkoMerge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/my/fix-source...
2013-01-19 Alexander ArtemenkoMerge branch 'restore-init-asdf-after-quicklisp-install...
2013-01-19 Alexander ArtemenkoFixes "The name "QL" does not designate any package... 3
2013-01-19 Alexander ArtemenkoAllows to install QuickLisp not only into the HOME... 2
2013-01-19 Alexander ArtemenkoFixes "The function ASDF::SOURCE-REGISTRY is undefined... 1
2011-07-18 Eric R. MonsonAdded new implementation XCL.
2011-07-18 Eric R. MonsonFixed entry for CLISP.
2011-06-09 Eric R. MonsonUpdated SBCL to new official git repo.
2011-05-16 Daniel WhiteShow usage message for "quickload" and "update-dist...
2011-05-16 Daniel WhiteFix usage message for the "trash" command
2011-03-27 Utz-Uwe HausALISP core generation support
2011-01-31 David LichteblauReimplement register-asd
2011-01-31 David LichteblauFix CLNET_USER defaulting
2011-01-23 David LichteblauAdd IDNA
2011-01-23 David Lichteblauswitch to parse-number from git
2011-01-05 David Lichteblaufix "clbuild --implementation xx slime"
2011-01-04 David LichteblauFix --implementation
2011-01-04 David LichteblauFix "ed" without an argument
2010-12-26 David LichteblauNew command "clbuild ed" starting an editor (depends...
2010-12-26 David LichteblauAdd usercore.conf for user.core; replaces the classic...
2010-12-26 David LichteblauFix modules on CCL: Set CCL_DEFAULT_DIRECTORY correctly
2010-12-26 David LichteblauRemove out-of-date code for slime startup
2010-12-26 David LichteblauRebuild the cores whenever important config files have...
2010-11-28 David Lichteblauupdate postmodern url
2010-11-19 David LichteblauCore file saving on CCL
2010-11-18 David Lichteblauprepl not that experimental any more
2010-11-18 David LichteblauSBCL compilation fixes
2010-11-15 David Lichteblaufix typo
2010-11-13 David LichteblauNew commands upstream-list, upstream-apropos (replaces...
2010-11-13 David LichteblauAdd command system-apropos
2010-11-13 David Lichteblauadd source/ to git
2010-11-13 David Lichteblauadd gbbopen
2010-11-13 David LichteblauNew commands system-list and update-dist
2010-11-13 David LichteblauFix quicklisp URL: switch from alpha to beta
2010-11-13 David LichteblauRename back to clbuild (version 2.0)
2010-11-07 David LichteblauAdd link to gitorious
2010-11-07 David LichteblauREADME
2010-11-07 David LichteblauLoad conf.lisp if found
2010-11-07 David LichteblauRestore most clbuild functionality
2010-10-06 David Lichteblaufix prepl auto-loading
2010-10-06 David LichteblauAuto-installation fixes
2010-10-06 David Lichteblaufix initial installation
2010-10-06 David Lichteblauinitial commit