Add cl-fann
[clbuild2:clbuild2.git] / projects
2014-04-21 David LichteblauAdd cl-fann
2014-04-21 David LichteblauAdd cl-opencv
2014-04-21 David LichteblauAdd libfixposix
2013-04-01 David LichteblauMerge remote-tracking branch 'svetlyak/develop'
2013-04-01 David LichteblauAdd sb-bluetooth
2013-04-01 David LichteblauAdd cl-libusb
2011-07-18 Eric R. MonsonAdded new implementation XCL.
2011-07-18 Eric R. MonsonFixed entry for CLISP.
2011-06-09 Eric R. MonsonUpdated SBCL to new official git repo.
2011-01-23 David LichteblauAdd IDNA
2011-01-23 David Lichteblauswitch to parse-number from git
2010-11-28 David Lichteblauupdate postmodern url
2010-11-13 David Lichteblauadd gbbopen
2010-11-07 David LichteblauRestore most clbuild functionality