2009-08-16 Leslie P. PolzerAdded dev/ tools.
2009-08-16 Leslie P. PolzerSupport application-specific data. Misc. fixes.
2009-08-05 Leslie P. PolzerMore work on Consumer part...
2009-08-03 Leslie P. PolzerConsumer: working OBTAIN-REQUEST-TOKEN.
2009-08-03 Leslie P. PolzerFixed tests.
2009-08-03 Leslie P. PolzerStarted work on Consumer API.
2009-07-30 Leslie P. PolzerMisc. polishings and corrections.
2009-07-30 Leslie P. PolzerExample: misc. updates, mostly for convenience.
2009-07-30 Leslie P. PolzerREQUEST-URI: return a PURI object (a string is still...
2009-07-30 Leslie P. PolzerMisc. small fixes, notes and additions.
2009-07-30 Leslie P. PolzerProper error generation.
2009-07-27 Leslie P. PolzerBasic test for validate-access-token.
2009-07-27 Leslie P. PolzerFixed typo in UNREGISTER-TOKEN lambda list.
2009-07-27 Leslie P. PolzerFactored out CONSUMER-REF-MIXIN.
2009-07-27 Leslie P. PolzerWork on validate-access-token-request.
2009-07-27 Leslie P. PolzerTests for validate-request-token-request.
2009-07-27 Leslie P. PolzerFixed request token initargs.
2009-07-27 Leslie P. PolzerFixed check-nonce-and-timestamp.
2009-07-27 Leslie P. PolzerTests: make WITH-SIGNED-REQUEST more flexible.
2009-07-27 Leslie P. PolzerHMAC-KEY, CHECK-SIGNATURE: support NIL as token secret.
2009-07-27 Leslie P. PolzerMore progress. Verified signature generation.
2009-07-21 Leslie P. PolzerBunch of clean-ups. Time to get serious with tests...
2009-07-18 Leslie P. PolzerFixed a bunch of stuff.
2009-07-18 Leslie P. PolzerHack, hack, hack...
2009-07-16 Leslie P. PolzerHacking the request token process (section 6).
2009-07-16 Leslie P. PolzerRenamed canonical package name to CL-OAUTH and added...
2009-07-16 Leslie P. PolzerWork in progresss...
2009-07-15 Leslie P. PolzerAdded README and LICENSE.
2009-07-15 Leslie P. PolzerWe can generate a proper HMAC-SHA1 signature now.
2009-07-15 Leslie P. PolzerThis is now cl-oauth, a library dedicated to OAuth...
2009-07-15 Leslie P. PolzerRemoved old docs, renamed to 'doc'.
2009-07-09 Leslie P. PolzerInitial check-in; some docs.