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2010-07-07 D Herringsimple tk gui master
2010-07-07 D Herringminor attempt at proper defpackage use
2010-07-06 D Herringminor (but fundamental) fix for my 64-bit system
2010-07-06 D Herringbuild tweaks for gcc 4.4.4
2010-07-06 D Herringsimplified build of prerequisites
2007-11-05 D HerringPrimitive (but effective) interpretation of vtable...
2007-11-05 D HerringInterpret visibility and virtuality values.
2007-11-05 D HerringA simple library to play with.
2007-11-05 D HerringBeginnings of a C++ name mangler.
2007-11-05 D HerringInterpret accessibility values.
2007-10-28 D HerringDirectly index to find a retrieve the Dwarf object...
2007-10-27 D HerringWork on some helper functions to simplify Dwarf navigation.
2007-10-24 D HerringMore package and naming changes.
2007-10-24 D HerringStart defining packages.
2007-10-22 D HerringMore interactive changes
2007-10-20 D HerringStart treating the Dwarf info as a database to be queried
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