last changeMon, 18 Feb 2013 08:57:17 +0000 (08:57 +0000)
2013-02-18 Aidan DelaneySimplified one of the ifstream read statements master
2013-02-18 Aidan DelaneyAdded a "C++"ism to the Md2Asset loading code
2013-02-18 Aidan DelaneyAdded md2 model to the scene
2013-02-10 Aidan DelaneySimplified the implementation of camera
2012-10-24 Aidan DelaneyReplaced type specifier in range loops with auto
2012-10-24 Aidan DelaneyMade GameAsset and TriangularPyramidAsset use shared_pt...
2012-10-24 Aidan DelaneyIntroduced shared_ptr for GameAssets in Main
2011-12-05 Aidan Delaney* In class solution to BoundingBox collision detection
2011-12-05 Aidan Delaney* Fixed unintentional delete
2011-12-05 Aidan Delaney* Implemented Martin's in-class suggestion
2011-12-05 Aidan Delaney* Added the BoundingBox class
2011-12-04 Aidan Delaney* Added BoundingBox plumbing
2011-12-04 Aidan Delaney* Camera now responds to key presses
2011-12-04 Aidan Delaney* Allow update of camera matrix
2011-12-04 Aidan Delaney* Added a camera to the scene
2011-12-04 Aidan Delaney* Add a second Asset to the display
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