SVN_SILENT style++
[choqok:choqok.git] / libchoqok / account.h
2010-08-24 Andrey EsinSolving some krazy2 issues.
2010-03-22 Mehrdad MomenySome of krazy reported issues fixed
2010-02-22 Mehrdad MomenySVN_SILENT Version changed to 0.9.50 + CopyRight header...
2009-08-30 Mehrdad MomenyMicroBlog::timelineTypes renamed to "timelineNames"
2009-08-22 momeny2new Keys added to Account: ReadOnly and ShowInQuickPos...
2009-08-14 momenyAdded my name as author to some files :D
2009-08-09 mlaurentConst'ify
2009-08-08 momenyNew works on Choqok moved here, from Git