2014-05-01 Moritz HeidkampAdd srfi-13 runtime dependency to ssql-translator coops
2013-08-06 Moritz HeidkampImplement identifier quotation
2013-08-06 Moritz HeidkampUse correct test query
2013-08-04 Moritz HeidkampAdd support for OFFSET x FETCH NEXT y ONLY
2013-08-04 Moritz HeidkampBump version to 0.3.0
2013-08-04 Moritz HeidkampDon't implicitly quote ssql syntax expression
2013-08-04 Moritz HeidkampAdd experimental ssql syntax
2013-08-04 Moritz HeidkampAdd some more ssql- prefixes to identifiers
2013-07-28 Moritz HeidkampMove ->translator and *ansi-translator* into ssql
2013-07-28 Moritz HeidkampAdd define-operators
2013-07-28 Moritz HeidkampFully port to coops
2013-07-28 Moritz HeidkampTransformations tests work
2013-07-28 Moritz HeidkampInitial coops rewrite
2011-10-12 Moritz Heidkamprelease version 0.2.2 master 0.2.2
2011-10-12 Moritz Heidkampcorrect category to `db'
2011-10-06 Moritz Heidkampadd 0.2.1 to release-info
2011-10-06 Moritz Heidkampbump version to 0.2.1 0.2.1
2011-10-06 Moritz Heidkampadd test-depends
2011-09-01 Moritz Heidkampadd release 0.2.0
2011-09-01 Moritz Heidkampadd some tests for the `null?' operator 0.2.0
2011-08-26 Moritz Heidkampadd GROUP BY support
2011-08-23 Moritz Heidkampadd the `coalesce' function
2011-08-23 Moritz Heidkampturn `values' into a normal prefix operator and require...
2011-08-23 Moritz Heidkampre-use the function operator for `call' instead of...
2011-08-23 Moritz Heidkampimprove sub-query parenthesization and add more tests
2011-08-22 Moritz Heidkampadd `call' syntax to allow calling of arbitrary functions
2011-08-22 Moritz Heidkampadd support for DELETE statements
2011-08-18 Moritz Heidkampamend clauses-order
2011-08-18 Moritz Heidkampadd group to composition tests
2011-08-18 Moritz Heidkampchange `(update widgets ...)' to `(update (table widget...
2011-08-18 Moritz Heidkampchange insert syntax
2011-08-17 Moritz Heidkampit's not like I created that API myself
2011-08-17 Moritz Heidkampallow inserts without explicit column list
2011-08-17 Moritz Heidkampbasic insert support
2011-08-17 Moritz Heidkampno syntax striptease there
2011-08-17 Moritz Heidkampsimple update support
2011-08-17 Moritz Heidkampdowncase tests
2011-08-17 Moritz Heidkampadd test for set literals
2011-08-17 Moritz Heidkampuse test-group
2011-08-17 Moritz Heidkampinject where inject is due
2011-03-31 Moritz Heidkampallow column aliasing in (col ...)
2011-03-31 Moritz Heidkampadd `in' operator
2011-03-31 Moritz Heidkampadd support for tuple literals as vectors
2011-03-31 Moritz Heidkampssql: add `infix*' operator type which allows defining...
2011-03-30 Moritz Heidkampremove postgresql from meta file
2011-03-26 Moritz Heidkampfix release-info tarball location
2011-03-26 Moritz Heidkampadd release-info file 0.1
2011-03-06 Moritz Heidkampmake `merge-clause' a proper method
2011-03-06 Moritz Heidkampmove `insert-clause' into ssql translator engine so...
2011-03-06 Moritz Heidkampvery basic ssql composition support through the `ssql...
2011-02-27 synssql: move ssql-pgsql into a separate egg to remove...
2011-02-27 synssql: add check to `define-operator' to fail at macro...
2011-02-27 synssql: don't wrap prefix and suffix operators in parenth...
2011-02-25 synssql: add ssql-pgsql (whoops)
2011-02-25 synssql: port to chicken 4 and remove prometheud dependency