allow inserts without explicit column list
[chicken-eggs:ssql.git] / tests / ansi-test.scm
2011-08-17 Moritz Heidkampallow inserts without explicit column list
2011-08-17 Moritz Heidkampbasic insert support
2011-08-17 Moritz Heidkampsimple update support
2011-08-17 Moritz Heidkampdowncase tests
2011-08-17 Moritz Heidkampadd test for set literals
2011-08-17 Moritz Heidkampuse test-group
2011-03-31 Moritz Heidkampssql: add `infix*' operator type which allows defining...
2011-02-27 synssql: don't wrap prefix and suffix operators in parenth...
2011-02-25 synssql: port to chicken 4 and remove prometheud dependency