last changeSun, 14 Aug 2011 04:10:01 +0000 (22:10 -0600)
2011-08-14 Fletcher NicholUbuntu doesn't have an ncurses-dev pkg. master
2011-08-13 Fletcher NicholInclude dependant module stubs in libraries/* (thx...
2011-08-12 Fletcher NicholFix jruby pkg dependency.
2011-08-12 Fletcher NicholGracefully handle Mac installs without homebrew.
2011-08-11 Fletcher NicholPut Chef::RVM::EnvironmentHelpers into a later loaded...
2011-08-11 Fletcher NicholFixing missing pkg dependency on debian.
2011-08-10 Fletcher NicholUpdate ruby compilation dependencies for debian/ubuntu.
2011-08-10 Fletcher NicholClean up debuging output in Chef::RVM::StringCache.
2011-08-10 Fletcher NicholWhitespace.
2011-08-10 Fletcher NicholExtract helper modules into seperate library files.
2011-08-10 Fletcher NicholMajor refactoring of recipes which will result in a...
2011-08-10 Fletcher NicholFix environments when installing/upgrading user RVMs.
2011-08-10 Fletcher NicholAdd user-specific default attributes.
2011-08-10 Fletcher NicholAdd per-user and system caching in Chef::RVM::StringCache.
2011-08-10 Fletcher NicholPropagating the user attribute to sub-resources.
2011-08-10 Fletcher NicholAdd environment params to shelled processes.
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